First Date Sex: Top 3 Reasons Women Won’t Have It

Casual Sex Australia Dating Tips

Let’s face it, there’s plenty of guys out there looking for casual sex in Australia. What many of these men don’t realise, though, is that there are also a number of women who are looking for the same.Casual Sex Date

One of the things that you will likely find when it comes to casual sex, however, is that many of these women won’t sleep with a guy the first time they meet them.

There are several reasons why this is the case and by learning these reasons, and finding ways to help her overcome them, you can have a better chance of getting her in bed on the first night.

What Causes Women To Avoid First Date Sex?

Reason Number 1 – She Doesn’t Know a Guy Well

One reason that women will often resist getting in bed with a guy on the first date is that she simply doesn’t know him well enough.

Women are quite different than guys when it comes to the philosophy of sex.

For many women, they need to make sure they have some type of friendship with the men they sleep with.

When it comes to casual sex in Australia, however, Aussie women will want to know the guy and usually go out two or three times before jumping into bed.

There are some things that you can do, however, to help her overcome this. Show her that you are not a threat to her, show her that you are charming and show her that you are fun.

By showing her your friendly side, helping her feel confident and making her laugh, you can definitely urge her to come to your place at the end of the night.

Reason Number 2 – She Doesn’t Have Confidence

Another reason that women don’t want to jump into bed with a guy the first time they meet is because she might not have the confidence to do so.

Women who don’t have confidence will have a hard time allowing themselves to enjoy sex with their partner.

The longer she knows a guy though, the more confident she will be. In turn, this will allow her to be more willing to sleep with him.

You can play a part in this and speed up the process. Telling her that you think she is beautiful, smart and sexy, for instance, can help her to be much more comfortable in a shorter amount of time.

In addition, you should do things like ask her about what she likes, ask her opinion on things or do things that show her that you are interested.

This will often help her to feel confident and more willing to jump into bed.

Reason Number 3 – She Feels Like She Will Be Judged

Finally, women are worried that people will judge her if she sleeps with a guy the first time they meet.

Though casual sex in Australia is accepted as the norm these days, there are still people who look down upon those who have sex outside of a serious relationship.

Though this is ridiculous, some women still have fears about being judged.

Again, you can help to put her mind at ease and show her that there is no reason she should feel this way. First, make sure that she knows this is a discreet situation.

You probably don’t want the whole world knowing your business either, so you are both in good company.

Another thing that you can do is tell her that you would not judge her. Show her that you consider the two of you as equal partners.

Finally, let her know that you are looking for a casual sex partner for a longer term.

Though you aren’t looking for a committed relationship, you would still like to see how you work with each other in a casual arrangement.

Speed Dating Mistakes – Does Speed Dating Really Work?

Speed Dating

More and more speed dating nights are popping up all across Australia. Speed Dating

You can see them advertised in pubs, clubs and cafes, by people who know nothing about dating, and others are held by dating services, including online dating sites, that want their members to get together for a good night out.

How well does speed dating work though?

Let’s explore the mistakes that people make in the search of a relationship.

The idea of speed dating is that you meet a range of different people for a short period of time – maybe even only for a few minutes.

You will spend your night rotating around tables in a structured manner, talking to each of your potential matches to see if you have a spark.

At the end of the night, after you’ve given your sexy elevator speech many, many times, you can all indicate if there is someone you’d like to date again – for longer.

Speed dating sound great, because it’s quick.

Dating can be a notoriously slow and complicated process, so for someone who wants their results now, speed dating might sound like a great idea.

Meeting a room full of single guys or girls could be an exciting time for someone who hasn’t had any action in a while, and the great thing is that all of these single people will actually spend time talking to you.

The problem is though, despite the number of people you haphazardly meet, you still might not get any action.

Who will you meet on your speed date?

There are a lot of people in this world, and finding a relationship can be challenging because we aren’t all right for everyone.

So, what makes you think that sitting ten random strangers down in a pub or club will get you the perfect match?

These people might have been selected by gender and age, but you won’t find anything more personalised than that.

The only thing you could have in common with your speed dating partners is that they are single, and looking for a quick fix too.

What’s the rush?

Speed dating can be fun, but why do you need to do it so quickly?

Can you really learn about a person from a few minutes of conversation?

What can you gain from these face-to-face meetings that you could not have from an online dating site?

The great thing about online dating is that you can gain a quick overview of a person from their profile, and if they aren’t interesting, then you move on.

You don’t even need to spend the rest of a time period talking to them.

Wouldn’t it be better to find a few potential matches (who you are really interested in) online, and then spend a proper date with them to learn what they are really like?

Is speed dating just a gimmick?

Speed dating sounds fun, and you might even have a good social night out.

You could certainly meet people you haven’t connected with before, enjoy a few drinks and try something new.

But how many speed daters are looking for a serious relationship vs how many are simply looking for something casual?

Speed dating can be expensive, especially if you take a liking to several other speed daters and arrange a first date at some stage.

If time and money are important to you, maybe speed dating just isn’t right for you?

Find Casual Sex: Get More Sex With These Tips, Rules And Ideas

Find Casual Sex Online Easily And Get More Action!

Casual sex should be fun and free but exactly what is casual sex? What’s the definition in today’s world, and has the meaning changed from what it once was?

With casual sex there’s no commitment which means that both people can see other people, and neither of you are romantically dedicated to each other. Casual Sex Australia

Many people do not want to get married or be in a long-term relationship, but they do want some fun and casual sex with other like-minded people.

Keeping Sex Casual?

Casual sex can be spontaneous and crazy, and it can be the perfect opportunity to meet new people and try new things.

Some people have regular casual sex, and this is called having a sex buddy.

You might have a close friend, or a persona that you meet up with just for sex, who does not want to be in a committed relationship either.

All they want is an occasional good time, with a happy and sexual person.

They do not want to get married or make things serious, they just want the freedom to be single, while still getting good sex.

One Night Stand

Casual sex can also be found through a one night stand. Maybe you go out to a pub or club and meet somebody who you only spend one night with.

This is great if you meet someone who is travelling, or maybe you just have fun and never call each other again.

If you live in a big city, you will be able to meet lots of new people all of the time, and there will be many opportunities to meet people on the town for casual sex.

Online Dating

Online dating is another way to meet a suitable match for casual sex. Online dating lets you complete a profile, saying what you want, and the other person will do the same.

You can chat online with other people, talk on the phone or meet up for coffee, just remember to communicate clearly that all you want is casual sex. There is no need to be ashamed about it. Speak up and be proud.

Tell the other person what you want, and if they are not interested, then move on to someone who is.

Casual sex can be fantastic if you meet someone who wants exactly the same thing as you. You might meet a person who has the same interests and needs in bed, and is even ready to get wild and crazy.

Trying New Things

Casual sex is a great way to meet new people and try new things. And if you do not have a good time, then you can easily move on without any broken hearts or commitment.

Some people just want casual sex because they are busy or because they just want to have fun before they settle down.

Some people want to try new things and explore their sexual interests with new and diverse people, and other people do not even know what they want!

Casual sex can be a great way to learn about yourself, without the troubles and commitment of a serious relationship. When you are older and know more about who you are and what you want, but for now, just go wild and have fun.

How To Keep It Casual

Casual sex can certainly lead to a relationship, but if you are seeking one, ensure the other person knows.

You can just tell them it is casual for now, and you might commit later if you get along well.

Also listen to the other person, and see what they want. Emotions can form fast, so ensure that you both know how each other feels.

Finding Casual Sex Online And Offline

Finding casual sex can be a great experience as there are many diverse people to meet in every city in Australia.Casual Sex Relationship

If you are new on the dating scene you will soon feel the excitement of meeting new people, and if you have been dating for a while you’ll find that the novelty does not wear off too easily because there are so many different options for fabulous dates.

Australia is diverse and dating allows you to meet people from various cultures, sub cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Casual Sex Dating Choices

The great upside of casual sex is the choice that you have when it comes to people that you can date.

You’re sure to find some interesting and suitable matches in a country with so many diverse people.

If you are ready to progress in the Australian dating scene then we have 7 fantastic tips to help you get started…

1. Head out in your city

When you arrange a date, try something new. Venture out of your own local area and find a location that is fun and exciting and promotes all of the wonderful features that the city has to offer.

You could try finding some water views, inner-city cafes, shopping districts or even the impressive markets. You’ll have lots of choice of locations to suit your interests so make it fun.

2. Broaden your horizons culturally

When you arrange dates, meet people who might not be your exact match on first impressions.

There are many people from different backgrounds and a positive attitude could mean that you meet that perfect person because you broadened your horizons and tried something new.

3. Go shopping as a first date

If both you and your match like shopping then there are many different districts that you can go to, including high-end fashion and vintage wears.

Browsing the different stores will allow you to learn about each other’s tastes and interests and you can have fun while you do it

4. Grab a coffee in a local café

This might be the most basic of dates, but it is always a winner. If you are just meeting someone then you will want to get to know them in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Australian cities offer many different cafes and there is likely to be one that is perfect for you. Try a café that is just outside of your local area that you haven’t been to before.

Try a specialty coffee shop and soak up the flavours, or stick to one that is familiar to you and focus on the date that you have arranged.

5. Head out for a walking date

There are many beautiful locations that are suited for walks. There are parks and inner-city districts. Take a walk through the trees or soak up the water views.

A walk is a great way to get talking and you’ll find that you’ll soon be comfortable in each other’s presence.

6. Enjoy local entertainment

Australia has many different entertainment options, and movie theatres are always a positive choice.

You will find that many of them are situated near major shopping districts and you’ll be able to grab a bite to eat and browse the shops or other entertainment options that are located nearby.

7. Have fun dating!

Remember to try new things and be adventurous. Relax and enjoy your new match’s company.

Soak up everything that there is to offer and you’re sure to enjoy casual sex.

Casual Sex Rules Of Engagement

You’ve probably never thought there was such a thing as casual sex rules that if not known or followed, could lead to a quick end to your sex buddy hookup.

Let’s face it, being single can be difficult, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve been to the sugar shack. Casual Sex Sites

So having a casual sex partner (or booty call or F@#K buddy if you prefer) can be just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re looking for casual sex and want to hang onto your sex buddy, there’s a few things you need to know to make sure you do it right!

Casual Sex Expectations

It’s naïve to think that having a casual sex partner is as simple as calling up a mate, having some fun and saying goodnight.

Inevitably someone (mostly the girl but not always) will develop feelings, get jealous or start acting as if there is a ‘real’ relationship taking place.

That said, a casual sex relationship can be a good thing, so if this is something you and a friend (or a soon-to-be ‘friend’) want to try it’s important to have some rules in place before you get busy in the bedroom.

1. No Commitment Hookups

One of the primary reasons people enter into a casual sex relationship is because they are not looking for a commitment.

It’s important for both of you to be clear up-front that your bedroom hook-ups are for sex and only sex. You’re not a couple, simply friends who are ‘helping each other out’.

2. No Relationship Expectations

All relationships come with expectations but if you want your casual sex relationship to work, you need to let go of any expectations you may have.

This can be much easier said than done of course, especially if one person has feelings for the other before things start to get hot and heavy.

Let each other know what you want from the situation – if you want a booty call when you can’t find anyone else and they want a once a week ‘date’, your friendship and relationship isn’t going to last.

3. No Annoying Jealousy

There’s just no telling when the green-eyed monster will rear its ugly head but you can guarantee if one of you has even the slightest feelings towards the other, jealousy will be an issue at some point.

No matter how much fun you have together or how close you are, you need to remember you are together for sex, which of course can be hard to do when you see your ‘friend’ flirting with someone and making plans to go home together.

4. No Dishonesty

When it comes to a casual sex relationship being honest with each other is the most important thing you can do.

Be honest at the start when you first discuss the idea of a casual sex relationship – if either of you has feelings for the other, it won’t work.

It also won’t work if one of you is prone to bouts of jealousy or are getting together in the hope that it will turn into something more in the future.

5. No Missing Your Sex Buddy

Missing your friend is one thing, missing your casual sex buddy is a whole different story.

If you reach the stage where you start missing your ‘F’ buddy whenever they’re not around, it’s time to be honest and reconsider the relationship and friendship.

6. No Lame PDA’s (Public Displays of Affection)

Public displays of affection are definitely a no-no when you’re out in a social situation with your ‘F’ buddy.

A few too many displays and people will start to question your relationship and you could find one of you falling for the other.

7. No Gifts Or Flowers

It may be nice to give and receive flowers but unless one of you has been in a serious accident or had a death in the family, save the flowers for a ‘real’ relationship.

Little things like this have a habit of being misinterpreted and before you know it, feelings have developed.

8. No Clothed Snogging

When you’re friends with benefits, there really shouldn’t be any situations where you need to be spooning while fully clothed.

If you’re doing this, you’re no longer just a casual sex buddy – you’ve become a couple.

9. No Nicknaming Body Parts

Assigning nicknames to various body parts might be cute when you’re in a relationship but when you’re hooking up things don’t need to get quite that familiar.

10. No Cutesy Texting Emoticons

Lovely-dovey emoticons can be hard enough to swallow at the best of times but when you’re trying to keep things impersonal it’s best to stick to the emoticons you would use for friends or work colleagues.

11. No Baby Talk

If either of you start using baby voices or getting all cutesy, it’s time to reassess the relationship and decide whether to become a couple or end it.

Despite the risk of suddenly finding yourself falling for your friend, a casual sex relationship can be successful.

By being up-front from the start and knowing what to expect, it’s possible to keep your relationship casual and your friendship intact until either of you find yourselves in a relationship.