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Australia Casual Sex

The emergence and increasing popularity of dating sites in Australia has completely transformed the way we approach dating.

A good number of us grew up at a time when a date meant driving up to the girl’s house to pick her up, where you would be met by the dad eager to size you up and concerned about the daughter’s safety.

But dating these days is likely to involve more than just meeting someone in person and setting up a dinner and a movie, should you take to each other.

Casual dating Australia is all the rage these days. While casual encounters have been around since forever, it is not until the introduction of the smartphone that the “hookup culture” really took off in earnest.

Suddenly, the range of dating apps Australia available at our disposal has infinitely upped the chances for anyone looking to find a date, or more importantly for many of us, to get a quick shag.

And let’s be honest, the convenience that online sex dating has brought is incredible.

Is Getting Laid Easier?

With our busy schedules these days, getting laid without having to go through the long-drawn-out affair of finding a stranger willing to partake in casual sex is one of the best things to happen to the legion of men and women without someone to warm their bed at night.

That’s all thanks to dating sites Australia.


We’re not going to sit here and pretend that finding someone to sleep with online is as easy as ABC where you simply home in on your ideal casual sex mate, initiate contact with them, and next thing you know, you two are pounding the living daylights out of each other.

It doesn’t work like that in life – unless, of course, you got, a) the midas touch with women or b) you’re willing to pay your way through.

As with everything good in life, there is some effort that goes into those ABC’s, but once you get them right, your odds of finding fuck buddies Australia will improve dramatically.

Hence why we’re here.

Adult Dating Australia

The Aussie Casual Sex Scene: Who, What And How

The purpose of this guide is to help single guys and gals looking to sow their wild oats to get a good handle on casual dating in Australia.

We will be sharing casual sex tips on how to better play the field, and the do’s and don’t’s that could be getting in your way of attracting sex partners.

Because look…

No matter which part of the country you’re in, the casual sex Australia dating scene is ripe for picking, if the numbers are anything to go by.

With the exception of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, all the other states are experiencing the infamous Australia man drought. That means there are more women than men in the country, with the ratio varying between regions and from suburb to suburb.

That, coupled with the lowest marriage rate since records began, means there are now more single people than ever before – news that should definitely make for interesting reading for those of us looking to get into a casual sex relationship.

But rosy and all, numbers alone count for little if you’re not willing to:

• Get “out there” and be more active with your dating life

• Pick up the necessary social skills to help you navigate the local casual sex scene


We have a long list of free dating sites Australia (with the majority offering paid features and upgrades for all-important interaction with other members) that you can join to find members of the opposite sex who are on the platform with a similar amorous agenda as you. This shall be our main focus in this guide, and we’ll tell you why in a moment.

• One of the objectives of this guide, as we mentioned, is to share advice that will boost your chances of getting casual sex in Australia, so we shall be revealing the ‘game’ needed in your efforts to find “friends with benefits”.

Let’s get into it…

Australia Fuck Buddies

Aussie Online Dating: What’s The Deal?

There are plenty of benefits to be gained from online dating Australia, especially if your motives are “casual”. Sure, we Aussies are not big on rules, so the dating culture can be pretty flexible which makes the process of finding casual partners a little bit easier.

Still, scouring the casual sex scene for potential fuck mates in person can sometimes feel like taking a drive through the Outback. The road signage is not so clear, so it’s easy to feel lost.

Plus, there is always this feeling that things are going by at a slower pace than we would want.

While the latter is also true when using sex dating sites, at least you always know what is what in the online world, particularly when you focus your search on casual dating apps.

That’s because majority of the people on these apps are also in it for the same reasons as you: to find fellow horny Australia partners for sex.

That gives you an infinitely larger pool of partners to choose from than you otherwise would in real life.

There are no subtle clues to decipher, and you don’t have to go on a pub crawl and splurge on drinks needlessly either. Beer doesn’t come cheap these days, although most of us would be happy to foot the bill if it came with the promise of happy endings.

In short, sex dating apps Australia have made life easier for those of us who are single and ready to mingle.


It can be a little treacherous to navigate this landscape, so the onus is on you to put your best foot forward in your efforts to attract the myriad of potential mates online.

Having the intel to work with helps immensely, as is knowing the best dating apps Australia, as these will be your most potent tools in your quest for local singles.

Later, we’ll be sharing plenty of insights into getting casual sex for free, as well as how to maintain a casual relationship once you’re in one, not to mention how to end things without causing any friction with your sex partner.

What are the best dating sites in Australia? (AND apps?) We’ve listed these in detail State-by-State towards the end of this guide.

Australia NSA

Hookup Australia: Sex Dating Tips For Smoother Hookups

We live at a time when we’re more digitally-enabled than ever before.

Couple that with the fact that casual sex has become the norm rather than the exception and it’s easy to see why there has been a proliferation of free dating sites in Australia dedicated to casual hookups lately, with more coming up every few years.

But here’s where the biggest tease lies…

Using the best dating sites Australia to go looking for a fuck buddy arrangement is an obvious start. Truth is, though, simply becoming a member on these hookup sites doesn’t guarantee that your sexual needs will be fulfilled.

For women, it’s easier, for obvious reasons. Digital age or not, naturally you’ll find more guys chasing after girls than the other way around.

Women are lucky in that regard – they’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding fuck mates on casual sex websites. The work lies in sifting through the dozens of male advances flooding their inbox on any given day in a bid to find a casual sex buddy that stands out from the bunch.

For the fellas, it will involve a bit of effort in order to stand out from said bunch and take home the spoils.

And it’s not for a lack of women interested in casual encounters Australia on these apps. After all, not everyone out there is searching for a man to have children and grow old with.

There are hundreds of thousands of hot, diverse single women on these platforms who are interested in luring an online casual sex partner into their bed as we speak.

But simply putting up a profile, filling all the sections and embarking on a search targeting “casual sex in my area” is not enough. You still have to make the approach, spark interest, engage in a tête-à-tête, and exchange phone numbers.

When you do, you need to take the conversation offline because the ultimate goal is to meet up in person, and in an ideal world, to get laid Australia.

From there, it will be upon you and your casual sex partner to set the ground rules for the type of “relationship” you want moving forward.

You see, casual NSA sex comes in many forms. These range from quick casual sex (can be a fleeting one-night stand, for example) to more lasting casual encounters such as an ongoing fuck buddy arrangement.

Should you opt for the latter (ongoing), you need to know how to play by the rules if the intention is just casual sex. This should help keep things from spilling over to more serious stuff.

You see, there’s a fine line that separates casual sex encounters and romantic affiliation which is easy to breach, particularly:

• When you’re only sleeping with one partner

• When you’ve decided at some point that protection is no longer needed (after testing, of course!)

Whichever the case, unless you and your Australia casual sex partner decide to walk down the aisle, it’s also good to realise that things will come to an end at some point. Therefore, knowing how to end a casual relationship successfully is information well worth having with you.

Before we get to the top dating apps Australia, let us first tackle these three separate issues involved in every stage of the process…

  1. GET a sex partner
  2. KEEP a sex partner
  3. ENDING a casual sex arrangement
Australia Fuck

GET a Sex Partner

When you finally make the decision to explore dating websites Australia after deciding you’ve had enough of the periodic sex droughts so severe they make your head (and balls) hurt, a lot of the work involved will be in getting a sex partner.

When you’re joining casual sex dating sites, it is important to have a solid strategy before you get in.

Otherwise, assuming a scatter-gun approach will leave you frustrated because that’s what most guys hunting for casual sex contacts on these platforms are doing.

You need to differentiate yourself because at the end of the day, however hard this might be to wrap your head around, online dating is akin to shopping. The platform is the shopfront; the members the products.

The more unique the product, the higher chances of getting hits and consequently, the chances of making it successfully through the ‘sales funnel’.

Of course, some prospects – in this case, the prospective casual sex women – may have misgivings and abandon the cart midway, but there will also be those who proceed all the way to checkout.

Pardon the sales analogy, but once you acknowledge that cold reality and realise it’s the way of the online world, you’ll stand yourself in good stead to score free casual sex.

The idea is to take the necessary steps needed to position yourself in a way that differentiates you from the thousands of men who sink boatloads of hours on adult casual sex sites with little result to show for it. Product differentiation, if you may.

These are the same men who will tell you online dating is a sham and that there are no good dating apps Australia.

It’s not that there are none. It’s their marketing strategies that fail to work.

And that all starts with lack of a proper business plan.

a. Establish an identity

When you join any of the many free online dating sites Australia, your profile is essentially the single slot of ad space you’ll have to advertise yourself to potential matches.

It is here that you allude to what gets you going and makes your nipples hard. Where you prove your worth as the sexual being you are.

Don’t get us wrong, that doesn’t mean you should go pouring your heart out on the profile section of casual sex sites. This is not a blog. In the dating game, less is more.


There needs to be a balance because you also want to provide something for your matches to bite on. In short, the end goal should be to create some level of intrigue and entice potential casual sex partners to want to know you…a little more intimately.


The trick to winning sales – in this case, casual sex girls – is to put yourself in a marketer’s frame of mind. Highlight your most important aspects with your profile section answers and descriptions, not forgetting the very basic but integral part that it is the visual that sells you online.

NO, that doesn’t mean to go cat-fishing – aka, painting an image of the person you’re not to win over unsuspecting potential casual sex dates. Honesty wins points.

However, you may also want to reserve to yourself those sentiments that could rub people the wrong way.

Dicey topics like politics are best avoided. If you’re a guy who gets turned on by anything in a skirt, you may also want to avoid voicing your strong opinions about sensitive topics on your public profile such as LGBTQ.

Sure, it can be argued that the NSA casual sex partners you attract will be more “niche”. But what that does is narrow your selection pool, and that’s not what we want.

PLUS, unless you specify that you’re on the lookout for sex partners interested in casual anal sex for example, the assumption is that you’re on the adult dating site Australia with the same intention as every other guy: to find hot girls to sleep with.

You can save your personal beliefs for later when you meet in person and are getting to know each other deeper.

In a nutshell, you need to make a good first impression:

• Keep things light

• Don’t give away too much

• Avoid anything too serious

Photos are a must as you don’t want to be that guy with a SpongeBob photo as their main profile pic, or whatever default image the sex free dating site you’re on offers.

A few things with regard to photos:

• When dating online Australia, it is essential to have a solo shot as your main profile picture – group photos with your mates have their place on Instagram

• The said solo shot must NOT be a selfie

• The main profile picture should not be an opportunity to showcase your pecs

• Smiling isn’t necessary for men (a win if you haven’t been to the dentist lately)

• Having a second shot to support the main image on the sex dating service helps – ideally, this should be a full body shot

• A third “lifestyle photo” is a bonus – this gives a glimpse into your everyday life and what you like to do (that hiking photo? It can go here)

• Feel free to throw in a bonus shot – OK, if you must include the topless pic

• But NO dick pics – save those for the casual sex chat you’ll have with your girl on phone, depending of course, on what she feels about the subject

Once you’ve covered all these bases successfully, your line (that is, your profile) should be rigged and ready to bait. It will do much of the initial winking for you.

Fuck Buddies In Australia

b. Join free dating apps Australia

As we mentioned earlier, you will not be short of options when it comes to selecting a platform to start your search for sex partners.

There are many online dating sites Australia geared towards casual hookups, so it is upon you to decide which ones you want to try your hand in.

Don’t worry, we shall be revealing a good deal later on, splitting our list into sites dedicated to casual hookups and the best dating websites Australia for general dating – whatever tickles your fancy.

Anyway, where were we?

Yes, finding hot sex dating sites.

This is one of the most important aspects you will be addressing when finding sex partners online.


As they say in real estate, it’s all about those three words – Location, location, location.

You see, you could craft the best killer profile, but it won’t mean much if you’re not on the right site.

You’re setting out to get real casual sex, and as such, you want to find a platform that:

a. Exclusively caters to those needs by having a fair share of quality members whose interests align with yours – that is, engaging in casual dating sex

b. Doing so without putting your personal or contact information at risk of leaking into the wrong places

As we said, there are many free dating websites Australia that cater to those with a taste for casual, so we’ll save you the headache by sharing a list of these later on.

c. Go on a charm offensive

With your site chosen and profile created, next thing is to make use of the casual sex finder available on each platform without wasting time.

Typically, the best online dating sites Australia will be swarming with hot females – some that are active on the platform daily, some that check in every couple of days or weekly, and others who are not frequent visitors but do pop in on occasion. You should be able to see this thanks to the “Last visited” function.

Obviously, you want to pay first priority to active users who log on to the sex dating network on a regular as these are either:

• Actively looking for a quick fuck in Australia – a ‘meaningful overnight relationship’

• Actively trying to find a casual sex partner for an ongoing arrangement

• Are involved in a sex chat with someone else

If it’s the first two, you’re in with a chance of drawing a response from her.

Even in the case of the third, you can never say never. The good thing about no strings dating Australia is that a lot of people are willing to keep their options open. At least at this stage of the courtship. Or mating ritual, rather.

So, you don’t have to worry about her finding Mr. Right.

What she’s more interested in is Mr. Right NOW, and whoever puts on the best display seals the deal.

Do not misinterpret this to mean you should be directing a barrage of messages to her inbox as you compete to win her attention. That’s what most men do, only for their efforts to hit a wall.

If she doesn’t ignore you, it’s likely because she’s assumed you’re just like the other men on the casual sex website: a simp. This is a low-value guy on sex dating sites Australia who tries to win the attention of women by putting her on a pedestal.

He will call her names like “queen” and use other forms of cringe lines in a desperate attempt to get into her good books.


Generally, guys should avoid a compliment as an ice breaker when engaging in the casual sex chat rooms – simply because, women are hearing compliments all the time, so it presents you as a low-value prospect.

Rather, you want to portray yourself as a high-value man who has his own thing going on and – while acknowledging the sexiness of his matches – treats the girl, not as a goddess, but as a normal human being with human desires.

That’s why she’s there in the first place: to look for a casual sex fuck mate.

If she were a goddess the closest you would get to her would probably be in your dreams now, wouldn’t it? That’s probably what she says in her head when ignoring all the men with zero game that reach out to her: “In your dreams”.

Those are not the words you want to hear. And you won’t because you’re not one of ‘those’ men.

The reason you’re on the NSA Australia dating site is to find females worthy of getting into bed. You’re there to flip the script.

If initiating a sex dating chat is something you find difficult, you’re probably overthinking it. A good way to approach it is to change your mindset from the onset.

And here’s how you can achieve that…

The reason you went sex dating online is to find a partner who shares similar interests as you, right?

Someone who’s there to find friends with benefits Australia without any plans of getting hitched?

Seeing as it’s “casual”, you can decide not to worry too much about the outcome of your winks, likes, chats etc.

If you get casual adult sex, great. If it doesn’t materialise, get on with it and try things out with someone different. There are many casual sex girls who are DTF. You just haven’t encountered “the one” yet.


This is a numbers game, and it’s only a matter of time until you hit the magic one.

As for the actual messages to break the ice on sex dating sites in Australia, aim for a short message anywhere between two and three sentences in length. You want to give your casual sex hookup match something to bite on without revealing too much.

Winks are flirty, but what they do is prolong the communication stage.

That’s not ideal if you want to move in swiftly because you don’t want to come across as desperate from the off by sending a wink today, followed by a message the next day that you’ll probably need to circle back on after a week.

You can use winks on occasions when you don’t have time for a quick message. When initiating a free sex dating chat, though, a message is more likely to get a response – it’s either the girl responds or she doesn’t.

A wink does signal your intentions, but it’s not every day that you’ll get the wink reciprocated.

Speaking of intentions, casual sex only platforms are not the place to beat around the bush. You’re looking to hook up with someone who is also looking for a hook up Australia partner, so cut straight to the chase and state your case.


Unless she has clearly stated on her profile that she’s looking for casual sex now or you stumble upon a raunchy type, that doesn’t mean to approach your match with unsolicited sexual offers.

Instead, you could ask her – for instance – if she’s up for a drink.

When it comes to dating customs in Australia with regard to casual hookups, being upfront and honest is always appreciated (without saying too much, or saying anything that will ruin your chances of getting laid).

Odds are, your Australia sex dating partner will find that honesty refreshing, and you’ll soon find yourself getting refreshments. And then some.


If you manage to elicit a response from your match, go ahead and chat her up as you get to feel her vibe before transitioning the conversation from the sex chat dating site to, in an ideal world, your direct phone numbers.

Don’t wait up too long to ask for the girl’s number as this could be interpreted to mean you’re either:

a) a pussy who is afraid to take the lead or

b) you just don’t get it.

Nobody wants to get stuck in an endless back-and-forth on adult dating sites in Australia – even the women themselves.

Besides, don’t forget there are hordes of other men lusting after her and may very well manage to get ahead in the queue.

Then again…

As much as you want casual sex, you also don’t want to ask for her number too early as it could be viewed as either:

a) desperation on your part or

b) taking the woman as too “easy”.

She will test your mettle first, and this is where you should aim to create a rapport with her. You need to give her a reason to share her digits with you, and she’s not going to do that if she doesn’t feel a connection with you.

You can do this by establishing a positive mutual vibe with her.

Establishing a good vibe with a woman is where your social intelligence skills will come in handy. That’s because every person is different, as will the interactions you have with them. That’s why most pickup lines are not so effective – unless you’re tailoring them to the individual.

That said, try to find cues about her personality on her bio section. Her pics too can be a good source of conversation starters.

For instance, you could use her hair colour to guess her ancestry or nationality.

When she responds, it is upon you to flow with the vibe.


AVOID putting her on a pedestal, no matter how hot she is

• Present yourself as a man worth investing the time in. Worth exchanging contacts (probably more) with

A little flirting helps keep her interested, but always remember that the goal is to take the conversation offline. So, don’t spend weeks exchanging messages on the casual sex hookup site.

Again, when it comes to getting a girl’s contacts when online dating in Australia, don’t overthink the process. So long as you manage to keep your online chat flowing smoothly, getting her number should be a natural progression.

Having said that, asking for a girl’s digit’s on Australian sex dating sites could be as simple as sending a message along these lines:

I would love to keep this conversation going, and chatting over text is a lot more comfortable if you ask me, don’t you think?


You sound like a really interesting individual. Why don’t we get to know each other better over a WhatsApp chat?

What this does is show you’re serious about taking things past the initial interaction on singles dating sites Australia, and it is also an opportunity to steer the conversation into more suggestive, flirty waters.

Australia Hook Up

d. Get the ball rolling

Once she’s agreed to swap contacts, give yourself a pat on the back, grab a beer and toast to the milestone.

Why do we say that?

Once a girl gets to that point of sharing her personal phone number with you – a stranger on the Internet – it signifies that she’s interested in taking things to the next level. She’s on the platform to find casual sex partners, and chances are she thinks you’re in with a chance.

How you play your game from here on is what will determine if you get to rattle it. So, just a beer for now will do. Let’s save the celebration for after the big occasion. In the meantime, there’s still work to be done, playa.

With her digits in your possession, the priority now should be on setting up a casual sex meetup.

If you play your cards right, chances are you’ll find yourself in good company when you wake up in bed the next morning. And if it won’t be going down that very same day, it won’t be long before you get her into bed.

Most women make the decision to sleep with a man during the first date.

Unlike those whose goal is to have a relationship, women dating with casual sex free escapades in mind are not shackled by the unspoken “three-date rule” or any of those conventional principles.

They’re not too worried about sleeping with a guy on the first date. So, there’s that too – which should take the sexual pressure off you a bit. Because in this instance, it’s not a case of “If” but more a matter of “When”.

Meeting on casual dating apps Australia means you’re not obligated to share your life story with your match when you finally meet up in person. Nor do you have to sell yourself too much at this point.

Aim to maintain the casual theme during your casual sex meetups. With regard to when and where to meet, the idea is to keep your lead hot, as marketers would put it.

That means arranging the rendezvous sooner – as in within the next few days – rather than later. This is not regular dating, so all that advice you heard about “ignoring the girl” to keep her intrigued won’t wash in this instance. Love can wait, a horny casual partner can’t.

If you keep her waiting, don’t forget there are plenty of men lying in wait on the local dating sites in Australia she’s visiting.

So, strike when the iron is hot.


Don’t overthink anything at this point. One mistake many guys do is to attach themselves to the outcome.

Will she like me in person?

Is this likely to end in a romp?

How will it play out after that?

i. The downside to investing in the outcome too much is that it only serves to add to the pressure. When you’re operating under that state, you’re more likely to fumble. When you fumble, that will ramp up the pressure on you the more, so you’re more likely to mess up again.

Before you know it, you’ll short-circuit what Mark Manson calls the “Feedback Look from Hell”. The advice? As the author puts it, just…”Don’t give a fuck about it”. In other words, just play it casual. It’s nothing too serious.

ii. Besides, if she liked you on the casual sex site Australia you met on, it means she saw something in you. Something that convinced her to exchange her personal contacts with you. And now she’s okay with the idea of going out with you. Win.

The takeaway here is this:

• Don’t get too stuck on the details – the less you plan, the better. Just make sure to have a few date ideas in mind, but most importantly, keep it light and fun.

• Going with the flow will eliminate any pre-judgements, concerns, or pressure. Just focus on having a jolly good time with your potentially soon-to-be, casual sex local partner. Next thing you know, you’ll be enjoying more than just the time.

A few tips to keep in mind during the date:

Be “chill” – Aka adopt a laid-back approach during your casual sex hookups. Laid-back doesn’t mean sitting back and letting her hog all the limelight. Rather, it’s about adopting an easy-going attitude. Fun, easy, non-judgemental with an “anything goes” attitude.

Be attentive – Women love a good listener, and they don’t have to be dating for keeps to appreciate that aspect in you.

Turn up dapper – Attractiveness is a key ingredient in making a casual arrangement thrive. This is a looks and aesthetics business. When you show up for the date, make sure to put your best foot forward when it comes to dressing. That doesn’t mean to overdress. Casual business casual will do – think slacks, chinos or khakis with a dress shirt.

Or the never-fail casual smart casual look: denim and white shirt (which you can substitute with a nice tee) with a good pair of shoes. Avoid thongs and sandals unless you’re meeting at the beach.

Talk about sex – But you’ll want to keep it subtle as vulgar language usually tends to have the opposite effect: turning off the other party. A casual sex chat done the right way can take your date to the next level. However, this is NOT a must if you don’t feel comfortable steering your conversation into this direction.

Touch – If sex talk gets you a little hot under the collar at this point, it’s best to avoid it. A casual sex date doesn’t have to be peppered with sex talk to be sensual.

An alternative way to gradually build intimacy during your in-person casual sex meetups is to introduce touch into the interaction. However, this should only come naturally to avoid it feeling awkward. You can do it between banter, for instance, and ONLY when the conversation is flowing naturally.

An alternative is to brush your arm against hers, although this works if you’re seated next to each other like in a movie – which should be avoided on the first date, mind you, as the aim at this moment is to get the formalities out of the way, and a movie date is only a distraction.

The aim of these casual sex tips is build attraction and intimacy. Once you successfully manage to do that, any sex dating girls you take out on dates will end up in your bed faster than you can say “uncle”.

KEEP a Sex Partner

In an ideal world, your search for sex partners on the best dating apps Australia has already bore you fruit at this point. You’ve managed to transition your encounter offline, and built some intimacy that has eventually culminated in sex.

What now?

At this point, you should have decided on what type of casual relationship you want to have. Hopefully, it’s something with much more promise than simply enjoying a single casual sex Friday night of wild sex and never seeing each other again after that – unless, of course, your sex mate was an exchange student who’s flying back home in the next few days.

The best casual sex with women is one that has the potential for return sex.

That’s because while you’re not looking to get into a serious relationship (are you?) you also don’t want to spend most of your free time on online dating apps Australia looking for fuck mates. We want to assume neither does your newfound sex partner.

Of course, you’re free to play the field, but a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Sex cravings strike unceremoniously, and when they do, you want to have someone on your speed dial to call up on. In an ideal world.

That in mind, how do you ensure you sustain your casual fling with your women casual sex partners? Or at least the ones worth keeping around?

NSA Australia

a) Elevate your sex game

A sure-fire way to make your casual free sex partners are a regular fixture in your life is to give them good sex.

In case you weren’t aware, an orgasm is hard to come by for many women. A good rule to observe when you have a sex dating free partner (as opposed to paid) is to always make sure your women leave the room satisfied.

It starts with good foreplay which, FYI, is a good way to compensate for drab sex.

However, don’t forget GOOD dick game will be your strongest weapon when dating women in Australia for sex, both in a literal and figurative sense. Therefore, you need to work on your bedroom skills if you feel they’re not all that.

The best thing about it is that this is a skill you can pick up. Just like playing a guitar. It might take patience and practice, but you will get there. On the upside, sex has largely to do with having a shift in mindset, so it could be argued that it’s an even easier “skill” to learn.

You’re a high value man, and that is the mindset you need to cultivate, ingrain in you, and remember at all times.

b) Keep your cards on the table

An adult casual sex relationship is founded on honesty. By this we mean being upfront about your intentions and expectations, not revealing the skeletons in your closet to every stranger you sleep with.

The good thing about keeping your intentions and expectations known is that it avoids getting things all mixed up with your casual local sex partner. Feelings are bound to creep in when you’re sleeping with someone – doesn’t matter if it’s casual sex with strangers.

Not only that, but knowing what to expect with someone you’re getting intimate with never hurts. For example, if you decide to get tested and throw out the condoms, it’s never a wise idea to go behind someone’s back and have unprotected sex with someone else.

Sure, you don’t owe them an explanation as to who you sleep around with and how many times you do so on any given week. You’re not married.

But putting someone else’s health at risk when they have chosen to be open with you is being irresponsible. That’s not what mature people do. You wouldn’t appreciate it if someone pulled the wool over your eyes either, especially when it comes to your sexual health.

c) Be realistic

It’s easy to cross the line between “nothing serious” and “serious” if you’re not careful with the girls you meet on the best casual dating apps Australia.

Maintaining a casual relationship does not entail checking up on each other three times a day or holding hands in public six out of the seven days you hang out together. It doesn’t mean showing up as dates on events. Or hopping on a Zoom call together with your mums.

It’s important to play within the casual sex relationship rules which generally stress on the importance of keeping that boundary between two sex partners.

Places To Meet Girls Australia

d) Have fun, but stay independent

Speaking of boundaries, that doesn’t mean to shut out your random casual sex partner or be rude to them or hold them in low regard once your sexual needs have been met. It doesn’t mean you should not have fun together. Or care about the other person.

It’s a thin line to walk, but in essence, you need to be respectful and keep your lines of communication clear.

See other people if you want to, and don’t get jealous or possessive when your dating casual sex partner does the same. Enjoy what you have without either party leading the other on.

And for heaven’s sake, maintain your usual routine. Don’t over-invest your time in them. Or choose them over your friends. Or introduce her to your social circle.

Have your fun times together, but lead separate lives by design.

That way, it’s easier to maintain your independent lives without crossing the streams and finding yourselves in anything that resembles a committed relationship.

e) Don’t be a jerk

Just because you and your casual mature sex partner have something going doesn’t mean you should drop the guard.

Respect them and their independent lives. Don’t meddle in their private affairs and don’t bring drama that should not be arising in the first place. In short, don’t be an asshole.

ENDING a Casual Sex Arrangement

Just because they’re laissez-faire by nature doesn’t mean you should end your casual flings unceremoniously.

On the other hand, the beauty of casual dating Australia is that you’re also not obligated to hold any lengthy sit-downs to give your reasons for pulling out. You do not owe anyone any explanations.


Common sense dictates that at least you should have the decency to let your sex partner know that you no longer wish to continue with the arrangement.

Nobody likes getting bailed out on, whether you met on a casual sex dating website or not. But people respect you when you face them and let them know – cordially – of your decision to end things.

That’s way better than ghosting someone. You’re not 12 anymore.

That said, here are some things to keep in mind when, for one reason or the other, you feel it’s time to call time on your casual engagement.

Where To Meet Women Australia
1. Be honest with your partner

Unless it’s something deeply personal to do with the other person – poor personal hygiene, for instance – it’s always good to be forthright with your partner.

Avoid the “it’s not you, it’s me” kind of talk. Remember, this is a casual relationship and you should be comfortable endings things if you choose to.

2. Talk it out in person

Most people would rather avoid face to face contact when it comes to breaking bad news, instead choosing the convenience and shield of their mobile screen.

That is okay if you and your casual sex dating partner have only met a few times – not when you’ve been sleeping together for the best part of the year.

3. No more “booty calls”

When you choose to end a casual relationship, it’s not good casual sex etiquette to renege on your decision when you hit a dry spell or find the grass isn’t as green on the other side. Or drunk-dialling them in the middle of the night.

If you decide to end things, let that be that.

4. It’s okay to feel bad about it

When you get used to sleeping with someone, you may feel bad, guilty or anxious about ending things. Yes, even someone you met on a free online dating site Australia. At least that shows you’re not a savage.

Feel free to embrace the feelings and process them. Casual fling or not, this is also a break-up of sorts.

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Aussie Sex Dating Rules

When getting into a casual dating Australia relationship, it is worth noting that there is a fuck buddy handbook that governs every successful arrangement.

These are often unspoken rules that help keep the relationship in perspective and keep things from going south. We’ve alluded to some of them already, but seeing as it’s information worth keeping in your back pocket, it is worth making it clear.

Here are 10 casual sex rules you need to keep in mind when getting into casual dating:

1. Be honest about your intentions

Honesty is the best policy they say, and that extends to virtually every aspect of our lives, casual relationships included.

From the moment you join a new dating site in Australia, be upfront about your intentions. In this case, obviously it is to get raunchy with your matches, but as mentioned earlier, there are ways to be upfront without being too obvious.

You don’t want to go like “Hey babe, I’d so much love to play with those breasts as you give me a blowie” [sticks tongue out emoji].

Unless you’re approaching the girls promoting sexual services on the sex classifieds Australia online section, those advances will be likely be rebuffed.

And it’s not just about the sex – be a straight shooter throughout your “relationship”, and avoid taking girls for a ride (unless it’s in bed).

2. Respect your partner

It’s not a serious relationship, but respect your partner as an individual AND their wishes as well.

If you’re into kinks and sexual preferences they don’t feel comfortable with, don’t stir up a scene or go against their wishes while you’re in the moment.

3. Be an amazing fuck mate

The reason you’re together with your fuck mate is for the mutual sexual benefits. That’s why you met on the casual sex dating app.

For that reason, you need to level up in terms of your sex skills. Don’t skimp on foreplay, always be open-minded and avoid falling into a sex rut that many people in relationships do.

4. Personal hygiene is not an option

When you’ve been sleeping together for months, it’s easy to lose some of the qualities that attracted your partner to you in the first place when they found you on the free casual sex dating app.

Don’t drop the ball when it comes your personal hygiene. Continue putting in the effort if these things don’t come naturally to you, and consider this an opportunity for you to actually turn the page in that regard.

5. Don’t get clingy

One of the reasons you and your fuck buddy chose to hop on one or more free online dating sites in Australia to find a mating partner was to avoid the emotional attachment that comes with serious relationships.

Therefore, always keep the emotions in check, and if you feel you can’t, broach the subject with your partner and find out how they feel about it. If they’re not ready to escalate things to the next level, understand and respect their wishes.

6. Communication is key

Speaking of broaching the subject…

I want casual sex only” is what most people are thinking when they’re getting into casual dating. But feelings do change and it’s not uncommon for one or both partners to become emotionally attached over time.

When you’re, a) only fucking between the two of you and/or b) doing so on a reg, it is easy to fall into this pitfall.

It’s therefore important to communicate throughout about how you feel. Have this discussion with your partner within a few weeks of your first hook up.

Adult Fun Australia
7. Don’t blur the lines

You’re in a casual relationship for the sex benefits (which is human) not romantically engaged. You need to act like it.

Things like making your fuck buddy a mainstay in your inner circle – let alone introducing them to your family – are not encouraged.

Or sending good morning and good night texts religiously; checking up on how their day is going. Celebrating anniversaries…You get the point.

8. Weekly hookups

She may be the best casual sex partner you’ve had, but if you don’t intend to get serious with them, it may be a good idea to limit your meetups to once or twice a week.

That means you don’t devote too much time into each other, while also giving each other time to meet other new people – which should be encouraged, mind.

9. Always use protection

A condom is essential if you don’t want to catch a disease that will make your dick fall off. It will also keep unwanted pregnancies at bay.

10. Don’t settle for less

Again, you’re not dating with the intention of tying the knot. If your search for sex partners on popular dating apps in Australia yields a partner who doesn’t satisfy you or falls short of your expectations, feel free to play the field without any restrictions.

And for the life of you, expand your sexual tastes. If you’re used to say, BBW casual dating, try your hand in something different and see how you like the experience. Variety is the spice of casual dating.

There are many people shackled in relationships who wish they were in the same boat as you. So take advantage and go all in now that you have the chance, aye?

Top 7 Things Girls EXPECT From Guys With Casual Sex Dating

A lot of the girls you meet on casual sex hookup sites usually have expectations of what their ideal man ought to be like – not just in terms of physical attributes, but also other qualities. Like:

1. Maturity

No decent woman worth her salt wants to sleep around with men who don’t exhibit maturity in behaviour.

Unless she’s borrowing you for a one-night stand due to some physical attributes that attracted you to her, one thing you’ll probably realise after sleeping with a few women from casual dating apps Australia is that they appreciate a gentleman with controlled thoughts and who is mature emotionally.

Most may not be interested in a committed relationship, but they also don’t want to have a hookup partner who disrespects them and displays inappropriate behaviour.

Odds are they’ll end up ghosting you if they find you’re not a mature casual sex partner.

2. Discretion

Discretion and maturity are closely related in that a mature man can be trusted to keep the casual arrangement under wraps.

Again, any decent woman you encounter on a casual sex app Australia wants to know you can be relied upon to keep whatever thing you have going on private. That particularly goes for sex dating local partners who hail from the same neck of the woods or live within close proximity to each other.

3. Mind-blowing sex

We’ve mentioned this point again, but it’s worth emphasising. The women you meet searching for casual sex online are not much interested in finding someone to settle down with.

One of the priorities high up on their list is the hope to find a man who can get them to cloud nine in the bedroom. Guarantee them that and you’ll rarely hit a dry spell.

Hookups Australia
4. Open-mindedness

Still on the subject of sex, casual flings are all about having fun, exploring fantasies and experimenting things with your FWB partner.

As such, you’re expected to keep an open mind as different individuals prefer different things. Of course, if Ben-Wa balls and anything involving kabuki rope doesn’t make you comfortable, it’s alright to play within your limits. But a little adventure doesn’t hurt, so long as you don’t feel violated.

5. Nice treatment

Naturally, men are better wired for casual relationships than women. That’s because as a man, you’re driven by testosterone, so this is more of a sport for you. That’s not the case with females, though.

Girls will be girls, and casual engagement or not, they will always appreciate small gestures that show you care. No, not promise rings. More like a box of chocolates on occasion if that’s her thing, or a little gift for her birthday if it happens to fall at a time when you’re sleeping together – you know, that sort of thing.

6. Maintain the sexiness

Sex appeal is the bedrock of every hookup relationship. When you were courting each other on sex only dating sites, it is probably your sex appeal that tipped the scales in your favour.

Casual dating is a highly visual affair, so if you want to keep your girls coming back, you need to be top of your game when it comes to physical attraction – dress decent, don’t skimp on personal grooming, observe proper personal hygiene and cleanliness etc.

7. No drunkenness

If you want to get hammered, it’s best if you set that day aside for your mates.

Remember: Keep your independent life to yourself. That means no drunk dialing in the odd hours of the night either.

Top 7 Things Guys EXPECT From Girls With Casual Sex Dating

In the same way that women expect things from guys they’re sleeping with, the men you meet on casual Internet dating sites Australia have their own expectations too.
1. Great sex

Any sex will just about do for most guys.

However, if you want to keep a man tethered and coming back for more, you need to give him a good time in bed. Oral sex, plenty of sex, an adventurous attitude (don’t just settle for missionary), more sex and more pleasuring.

Good thing is, women don’t need to try that hard. But that doesn’t mean you should become complacent. You did not meet in order to grow old together: you met to have good sex together.

NSA Australia
2. No clinginess

One of the reasons you stumbled upon the guy you’re sleeping with on a casual app or Australian sex personals section is because a big part of him (no girls, we’re not referring to anything to do with the body anatomy) wants to be free of the shackles of a romantic relationship.

What’s that phrase again? Ahh, “Leave a man be”.

A good number of guys would be happy to lead a single life – providing they never lack sex. Therefore, understand that he’s there for some bedroom fun and that he’s happy to maintain his independence to do whatever he likes.

Ironically, the less clingy you are, the more a man is likely to be even more drawn to you.

3. No relationship talk

You met on one of the free casual sex dating sites, didn’t you? Unless anything changes midway, keep the relationship talk on the hush.

Ideally, you want to set the tone for your “situationship” at the very start.

It’s important to be honest with each other, so if you feel the feels creeping in, raise the issue with him. If he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, you can choose to sever ties in advance if you feel you’ll get hurt in the process.

4. Zero drama

Again, the beauty of casual encounters Australia is that they’re not burdened by the emotional albatross that plagues romantic relationships.

Give a man a relationship that promises good sex without the drama and he’ll opt for that every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

5. A female touch

Every man longs for some female attention every once in a while. You might have met on casual sex hook up sites, but if you two decide to keep the arrangement ongoing for the time being, you should remind yourselves that you’re not sex workers.

It’s not just about humping and getting on with it. Whip up a meal for him when he comes over at yours. Lend a listening ear and offer your female perspective on issues that may be on his mind. A man will appreciate that.


It’s important to underline here that going down this path could lead to muddled feelings, so if you don’t intend to get into anything serious, always maintain that boundary. Otherwise, you could end up getting entangled with each other.

6. Split (or pay!) the bill occasionally

Sure, there are many Aussie girls out there who have no qualms sharing the bill with a man during a date. If he’s your boyfriend, you’re allowed to get away with it.

But if you were just seeking casual sex with them, it should not be automatic that the man foots the [entire] bill. You’re NOT his girlfriend (or his child).

Propose to split the bill during the first date. If you have an ongoing thing that involves eating out or catching drinks together on occasion, you can even offer to treat him every now and then. Why not.

He doesn’t want to feel used. Unless, of course, he insists otherwise on both instances.

7. Take initiative

The best casual dating is one where both partners are free with each other. Sex is not a one-way affair, and it should not be the prerogative of the guy to initiate sexual contact every single time. That gets old.

Hit him up when you’re in the mood and let him know you could use some male company. Guys find that sexy.

Australian Dating Websites And Apps (Dating & Relationships)

Being single has its benefits, but we all can agree that one of its biggest drawbacks is the lack of guaranteed sex whenever you need it.

Anyone who has hit a serious dry spell bordering on a drought knows how important it is to always have someone to call upon for a naughty when the desire strikes.

That’s not a privilege single men and women enjoy by default, but it doesn’t mean you cannot have your cake and eat it too if you’re single. You can – through adult dating Australia, the whole essence of this guide.

Exploring Free Dating Australia

Luckily, we also happen to live at a digital age when everyone is online on an around-the-clock basis. It’s little wonder free online dating Australia has become such a big deal over the better part of the last decade, especially with the advancement in mobile technology post-2010.

Not that there weren’t any dating sites Australia free before. There were a number, although not that many. But it was not until the advent of the smartphone that the dating landscape as we knew it changed, thanks to the emergence of the app culture.

Today, not only do you have a horde of real dating sites Australia available at your disposal, but you’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to their app equivalents.

In this section, we’ll talk about the top sex dating apps to be aware of, in addition to – of course – giving mention to the sex dating free sites you should consider joining if the goal is to find a hookup partner (or two).

Dating Site Reviews Australia

For better clarity, we have categorised this section into two.

The first part sheds light on the top dating sites in Australia for general dating – general in this case implying regular dating. Don’t worry, some of them can be good hunting grounds for casual partners if you can leverage the free casual sex finder feature available on each site.

The second part focuses on the best dating apps in Australia (and websites) strictly catering to casual encounters, and it is these ones in particular that you want to put some extra work in.

Dating Australia – Best Sites & Apps (General Dating Sites)

The top dating websites Australia for general dating come in both a free and premium version. Naturally, the paid versions have all features unlocked, but you can still get a bit done with the free versions.

In fact, it’s always a good idea to try out free dating services Australia before paying for the full version.

As for the inherent differences between free and paid versions, here is what you can expect with either:

What’s Included and What’s Not:

Features: Free Single Dating Sites Australia

While they might differ from platform to platform, there are some default features you can expect to find on free dating websites in Australia:

• Create profile

• Browse matches

• See who’s online

• Flirting capabilities (for example – send and receive winks or likes)

• Search function

It’s important to highlight the fact that there are totally free dating sites Australia, although a lot of these are smaller services looking to gain traction. The majority of websites, though, are available on a free with the option to upgrade your account.

In the case of dating sites Australia free versions, there are downsides you can expect. Most of these have to do with limited capabilities that come from a lack of advanced features like we have highlighted below.

However, you should be able to accomplish most of the basic tasks on the free version of most websites.

Features: Paid Version

All the top dating sites Australia are offered in a premium version.

Paid accounts are advantageous in that they come with bells and whistles which – while some tend to be superficial and not worth the extra cost – do afford you some extra privileges that allow you to accomplish a little bit more.

Some of the features that paid versions offer that you won’t find on regular dating Australia free site versions include:

• Direct messaging option to your matches (this largely tends to be the clincher)

• Expanded search criteria

• Ability to see who has read your messages

• Better matches (on some platforms)

• Ability to recover profiles you’ve already turned down (on some platforms)

• Your profile stands out to other members (on some)

• Ability to see more singles (on some)

Australia Sex Sites

Online Dating Australia Free Websites

In this section, we share the top free dating sites Australia based on state that you should be considering depending on your location:

NSW Dating Sites & Apps:

Coffee Meets Bagel

People looking to try out online dating in Sydney Australia can afford to be a little picky than other smaller cities in the country, thanks to the relatively larger population. This is a niche dating app whose 96% of users have a Bachelor’s degree.

It might have a smaller user base, but its algorithm is designed to provide you with quality over quantity when it comes to matches. Suffice to say that when you find a match on Coffee Meets Bagel, you have a higher chance of ending up together compared to most other dating services.


This is a popular dating app in Australia whose swipe function very much resembles Tinder. And while some people use it for hookups like finding casual sex Sydney, Hinge is more relationship-oriented.

If you need an online dating Australia free service, Hinge – which has plenty of millennial users – offers a free version.

Victoria Dating Sites & Apps:


For normal dating Melbourne Australia, Zoosk is a great pick that caters to a mature audience – or those looking for something a little more serious, rather.

It’s one of the fairly new dating sites Australia, making it suitable for residents of larger cities like Melbourne.


Badoo has been around longer than some of the names on this list, making it one of the more popular dating sites Australia in terms of adoption.

It may be founded as more of a relationship type of service, but those looking for casual sex Geelong partners (and other areas in Victoria) on Badoo can expect to get lucky.

QLD Dating Sites & Apps:


One of the best free dating apps Australia, Clover is a unique app designed for on-demand dating that also comes in a premium version.

You simply send a request to fellow users you fancy, and if they like you back, it’s on. If you’re looking for more than just casual sex in Brisbane and other cities in Queensland, Clover might be worth checking out.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Read most dating sites Australia reviews and chances are you’ll find Coffee Meets Bagel on the list. It doesn’t have the largest user base, but the larger the city, the more users you can expect.

The app can be used for both normal dating and finding casual sex Brisbane partners.

Single Women Over 30 Australia

SA Dating Sites & Apps:


The South Australia crowd looking for more than just sex dating SA can hope to find love on RSVP.

This is an online dating Australia free service that is also offered in a premium version that allows you to get much further in your quest for love.

Silver Singles

Silver Singles is one of the most popular dating sites Australia for people above 50.

It’s a serious dating platform, which makes it easy to find a love interest, but those looking for say, casual sex Adelaide or FWB dating in South Australia can also expect to get lucky. Just be civil and subtle in your approach as the audience demands.

WA Dating Sites & Apps:


For dating Perth Australia, consider setting up an account on Badoo if you don’t already have one.

One of the best dating sites in Australia, Badoo is also not a bad place to go hunting for Perth casual sex.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles has carved a name for itself as one of the most popular dating apps Australia because it strives to be different than your standard dating app.

It is no doubt one of the best free dating sites Western Australia, even for those who might be looking for a casual hookup. That means you can use it for more than just romantic connections.

If you’re interested in sex dating Perth, for example, a good search might just yield you the results you seek.

NT Dating Sites & Apps:


eHarmony is not the first place you want to check if your interest is Darwin casual sex. That’s because this is a traditional dating platform where people go to search for “the one”.

It is one of the best dating sites in Australia for free, although its premium version also happens to be one of the most expensive around.


Match.com is easily one of the top 5 dating sites Australia in terms of sheer numbers.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that this is one of the oldest services for free online dating in Australia.

It’s a great place to go looking for romantic partnerships, so those seeking casual sex Darwin, for example, might be better off trying something with more casual undertones to it.

Tasmania Dating Sites & Apps:


Looking for love as opposed to casual sex in Tasmania? Then this is the platform for you.

If there were any serious contenders as to who ranks first on the top 10 dating sites Australia for romantic relationships, eHarmony would make a serious case for itself.


As with eHarmony, Match.com is also not the place you want to go looking for casual sex Hobart – or whichever part of the state you hail from.

Match is a dating site in Australia free service that has been a mainstay in the regular dating industry since the Internet became a thing.

Casual Encounters Australia

ACT Dating Sites & Apps:


Outside of the bigger cities, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better online dating in Australia free service.

eHarmony holds sway in terms of numbers for the virtue of having been in existence since online dating started going mainstream.

For that reason, you might also want to comb through the site for any local residents interested in casual sex Canberra, if that’s what you seek.


Match is one of the best dating Australia websites for people living in the Australian Capital Territory.

The population here is not the biggest, but singles looking to mingle are more likely to congregate on time-tested platforms like Match.

The service is also now available through a new app that is more “relationship-friendly” compared to apps that focus on sex Australia dating.

3 Mistakes To Avoid On GENERAL Dating Sites & Apps:

1. Not reading the room

When choosing the single dating sites Australia to join, it is important to distinguish the nature of the sites you’re signing up on without blurring the lines.

Having a clear intention of what you’re looking to achieve could definitely keep you from fishing in the wrong pond.

If your aim is to find an Australia fuck mate, you might want to restrict yourself to real casual sex sites. Sexual advances and explicit content could be frowned upon on some of the general dating services we have highlighted above where daters are looking for something more serious.

It would be akin to sending nudes to a hot girl you fancy on LinkedIn. Awkward.

2. Sending boring or creepy messages

In that same vein, when it comes down to initiating contact with singles you find attractive on general dating sites for Australia, this can be a crucial step that’s easy to screw up.

For starters, humdrum messages like “Hey” or “What’s up” should be avoided. That’s not laid-back. That’s just plain lazy and so-not-creative.

You need to set yourself apart since the women you’re reaching out to are used to receiving hundreds of messages like these on dating apps in Australia.

As well, you want to avoid any creepy talk that could weird people out. Things might be taken out of context since you’re a stranger at this point. So, as much as it pays to be creative, don’t go overboard with it.

3. Imagery concerns

Online dating is a visuals and judgemental affair. People you encounter on even the best dating website in Australia will judge you to a large extent by the image you portray in your photos. That’s what you do too.

That said, it’s important to paint an objective picture of yourself – double so considering that choosing to join a general dating site as opposed to casual dating sites Australia means you’re probably looking for a serious commitment.

You might get away with it on the latter, but you risk starting the relationship on the wrong foot by cat-fishing people.

Still on the issue of photos, avoid, a) grainy photos that look like they were taken in the ‘90s (no shade, great decade that!) and, b) air brushing your pics and using filters that you look a different person totally.

Casual Dating Websites And Apps (Casual Dating Sites)

The rise in the number of casual dating sites Australia (and apps) means you no longer need to grace the nightlife to find a sex dating girl (or man).

Whilst the power lies just a few taps away in your hands, you also want to make sure you’re taking your fuck buddy search to the best casual sex dating app.

The workings of most dating platforms might be the same, but they all have their own quirks that make them unique, some even complete with their own sub-cultures.

Good sex dating sites and apps will also differ from one person to the next depending on their experience on the platform, so don’t be put off by people who say “Site X” or “App Y” aren’t worth the time.

To help you in that regard, we will be detailing some of the top sex dating sites and mobile dating apps Australia to give you, 1) variety and, 2) to narrow them down on a per-state or region basis to boost your chances of hitting bull’s eye.

With that being said, keep in mind that just as with regular dating services, sites and apps dedicated to facilitating FWB Australia encounters come in free and paid versions.

The differences? Let’s find out…

Paid vs Free Sex Dating Australia Services: What’s Included And What’s Not:

Dating online Australia free options typically come with the following set of features:

• Create a profile

• Flirting capabilities (send and receive likes and winks – limited on some platforms)

• Browse or swipe matches

• Search

By contrast, here are some of the extended features you can expect with the top apps and best paid dating sites Australia:

• Send [unlimited] direct messages to other users

• Un-send messages and photos

• Add unlimited photos and view unlimited photos of your matches

• See who has swiped you or viewed your profile

• Receive suggestions of different profiles

• Extras – for example, personality report access, ability to disguise nude pics sent in chats with say, kitten images (unless you prefer viewing), know when users you’re chatting to are typing etc.

Casual Dating Australia – Top Sites & Apps

Depending on where you are, some apps may be more suited to getting you Australia sex dates than others.

Below is a list of dating sites in Australia and apps that promise the best results on a per-region basis.

NSW Casual Dating Sites & Apps:


A free-to-join hookup site for Sydney singles looking for easy hookups, Premium features are available with upgrades, allowing more and better interactions with other members, including video calling.

Considering that heading out for just a few drinks can be north of $50, a monthly subscription to FuckBuddySydney.com can land you more contacts, more meetups and more sex than any bar of club.


Tinder works best in cities with a large enough population, and few fit that bill better than the Emerald City herself.

Not only are there new faces showing up every other day, but you can also take your search for Sydney casual sex on Tinder without having to worry about bumping into your sex partner at the local supermarket.


When you compare dating sites Australia, you’ll notice that Happn is not your regular hookup site.

Providing you’re a member on the platform, the app connects you with other registered users whom you, um, “happn” to cross paths with – whether that be on public transport, at the art gallery or museum, or down the block. They will appear on your profile and you’re free to like or ignore them.

The clincher? Sydney is one of the app’s top hotspots in the world (along with Melbourne) joining other highly populated cities like Tokyo, New Delhi, Rio, Sao Paulo and Montreal.

Now, that’s the kind of news to wake up to for anyone hunting for casual sex in Sydney [Yum].

Victoria Casual Dating Sites & Apps:


A casual hookup site for Melbourne singles looking for ongoing casual sex arrangements, aka: friends with benefits.

Free to join and paid upgrades are available to access additional features that allow better interactions with other members, such as video calling.


Hinge is one of the top apps that can aid your sex dating Melbourne efforts.

It’s a swiping program like Tinder, although the profile criteria and the algorithm it rides on are different.

Notably, its matches can only be initiated by female users on the platform, to which you have a 24-hour window to respond. Hinge can hook you up with your Facebook connections who’re on the platform – or the friends of your friends.

If you’re the busy type but interested in casual sex Melbourne, few can get the job done better for you.

The fine print – for anyone who cares to read – does advise people to be “wary of guys who ask you out right away”, which might or might not explain why a hookup could take two days longer to agree to a physical meetup compared to looking for casual sex in Melbourne on Tinder.

But that’s also largely dependent on the individual.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Like with Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel is promoted as a general dating site but combing through profiles for “casual sex near me” is likely to yield plenty of hot girls casual sex partners.

For guys wanting to find single women in Melbourne, it’s a solid option.

Single Women Over 40 Australia

QLD Casual Dating Sites & Apps:


A casual hookup site for Brisbane singles keen to find easy matches and hookups.

Free to join along with paid features which give you better engagement with other members such as online video chats directly through the mobile friendly site.


If you’re in the Sunshine State, particularly around the greater capital region, Tinder will make your search for Brisbane casual sex a cinch.

Same as anyone wondering where to find casual sex in Toowoomba.

You may also leverage Tinder if you’re looking for casual sex in Cairns,


Residents of Queensland can also get sex dates Australia through Bumble, another left-swipe right-swipe platform that places the control firmly on the girls on the app who are required to initiate contact.

Think of it as an app equivalent of The Bachelorette. If you’re the lucky pick, the girl then has 24 hours to make up her mind on whether she’s really DTF or she has a change of heart [*Eye roll].

You may be the proverbial sitting duck, but the good thing with Bumble is its high female numbers, so guys looking for casual sex Gold Coast or need casual sex Cairns might find the wait well worth it – vs. nothing at all.

SA Casual Dating Sites & Apps:


A mobile friendly site that works much like an app, free to join and you can access paid features to get better engagement with other members such as direct messaging and video chats live.

For Adelaide singles seeking a FWB arrangement, this is the site.

Plenty of Fish (POF)

For sex dating SA, Plenty of Fish is a good app to try your luck in.

Anyone who has tried to find casual sex in Adelaide has probably got lucky on the app which has been around since circa 2003.

Said to be a cross between eHarmony and Tinder, dating sites South Australia don’t come better than this.


It might be surprising to learn that OKCupid launched a year after POF. One of the most used dating apps in Australia, it seems to have been around forever.

As far as sex dating websites free go, OKCupid may be one of the seasoned players in the industry that can stake a claim as arguably the most popular dating app in Australia.

It’s also available in a premium version, and those looking for casual sex Cairns, Adelaide or in other SA cities can expect some decent digital foot traffic on the app.

WA Casual Dating Sites & Apps:


A top hookup site in Perth offering free signup along with paid upgrades for increased interaction with other members such as direct messaging and video calling.

An easy way to meet and arrange hookups without the formalities of a typical dating site.


One of the top free dating apps Australia, Badoo can be a good hunting ground for singles in Western Australia looking for real sex dating sites.

For casual sex Perth therefore, this is a good place to start your search.


Looking for casual sex in Perth or other areas in WA? Try Bumble, one of the best dating apps in Australia that places the burden of initiating contact on the female members on the site.

NT Casual Dating Sites & Apps:


With this domain name, it could be considered the official hookup site in Australia?

Offering free signup with options to upgrade for greater engagement with members including direct messaging and online live video chats.

Plenty of Fish

Casual sex in Darwin doesn’t have to be hard to find if you know where to look.

It’s the best app for sex around the Northern Territory if you’re looking for a platform with numbers and good response rate.


Passion is your quintessential adult dating Australia website. Teeming with sexy singles, the platform caters to individuals who are happy to showcase their sexuality in seductive ways, albeit without sliding into X-rated waters.

The free chat dating Australia service provides an environment for members looking for casual hookups to socialise with other sultry individuals who share similar interests.

If you can home in on members interested in casual sex in Darwin, there is a high chance you could strike up a fuck buddy arrangement – provided you take to each other.

All the more reason to follow the tips we shared earlier in this sex dating blog.

Sexy Single Women Australia

Tasmania Casual Dating Sites & Apps:


The name says it all… casual encounters for aussie singles looking for easy no strings hookups.

Ideal for ongoing hookup arrangements, free to join and paid upgrades offering personal features including direct messaging other members and live online video calling.

Adult Friend Finder (AFF)

Easily one of the top 5 dating sites in Australia in terms of sheer numbers alone, Adult Friend Finder has been around longer than members of Gen Z.

That means you’re likely to find a good deal of singles on the platform interested in casual sex Tasmania.

AFF is also one of the first names you should be considering when looking for top dating sites Australia free.


OKCupid is one of the best adult dating sites Australia hands down.

What sets it apart from most other free sex dating sites in Australia is that – just like AFF – OKCupid has been around for a minute and is one of those platforms riding on the back of high membership volumes.

Does the quantity come with a corresponding guarantee in quality? Many sex dating sites reviews seem to think so, but there is only one way to find out, isn’t it?

ACT Casual Dating Sites & Apps:


A great site for Aussie singles seeking ongoing FWB arrangements or multiple casual sex partners.

Free signup and paid upgrades cheaper than the cost of a few drinks out. Access handy features such as direct messaging and live video chats.


Need casual sex in Canberra?

There are few platforms in the ACT that promise more high quality matches than OKCupid, the best free dating app Australia around these parts.

Plenty of Fish (POF)

POF is one of the go-to platforms for locals looking for sex Australia. The quality of the crowd is decent – well, people are on the casual sex app for hookups, but you can expect singles well worth the chase.

This, coupled with the fair number of singles in Canberra actively using the service, makes POF one of the best casual dating apps Australia for residents of the capital.

3 Mistakes To Avoid On CASUAL Dating Sites & Apps:

1. Not moving in swiftly

Regardless of the sites and/or apps you’re using to find casual sex Australia partners, typically it shouldn’t take too long to transition your interaction offline. The real work lies in piquing your attraction’s interest to the point you’re able to elicit a response from them.

Once you do, it should take no more than ten exchanges between the two of you before suggesting to swap contacts. Always remember the essence of hookup sites: people are here for sex – ideally to find a partner they can enjoy casual sex nearby with.

Unless specified otherwise, they are NOT there for long-term dating. So, don’t be too reserved in your approach.

2. Putting all your eggs in one basket

Online dating is a NUMBERS game. Yes, even when using the best casual sex websites.

That in mind, it’s important to “scatter” your interest instead of investing too much in any one person. Once you start communicating, don’t expect exclusivity from your match.

This should extend to when you start seeing each other. Just because you’ve gone out on a date or two or started sleeping together should not lead to a rise in expectations. It’s called casual dating for a reason.

3. Not giving a good representation of yourself

This could be looked at in two ways. The first has to do with your profile. You may be using the best dating app in Australia, but if you don’t invest some time in your profile, you may not get the results you’re looking for.


It’s good to give potential casual sex partners on these free adult dating sites Australia (or paid if you’re on a premium version) a quick glimpse into what you’re about.

As we said, it doesn’t have to be a long essay that goes back to your first day at school. Just something for them to bite on without revealing too much should do.

As well, it’s important to diversify your photos as we outlined earlier – solo shot for the main pic, a full-body picture in the supporting images, yada yada.

The second way you may not be giving a good representation of yourself on these casual dating services – be it premium or totally free casual sex sites – is in your APPROACH.

The initial ice breaker messages are especially key.

Always remember to keep it light and be respectful of the potential app casual sex partners that you interact with. Even if they may not be responsive to your overtures.

Sex Dating Q&A – Your Questions Answered

How can I get more sex in Australia?

Start by joining the best free dating websites Australia. Many singles are congregating on these platforms. You might want to narrow your focus depending on location, though.

For example, if you live in live in Sydney, leverage a few casual sex apps Sydney. If you’re looking for casual sex Victoria partners, narrow your search by using search filters to find prospective fuck mates nearby. And so on, and so forth.

What is the dating culture like in Australia?

The past decade or so has really seen a growing penchant for casual dating.

Suffice to say many singles in Australia these days are pretty much open-minded and down to fuck (DTF) – providing they find the right sex partner.

How can I get more dates with like-minded people?

Browsing the casual sex personals section is one option.

However, some of these might involve paid sex services, so we would advise to try the other [better] option: join the best online dating Australia apps and sites.

Once you do, take your time to browse through multiple dating profiles to find matches that speak to you.

How can I make myself more appealing to the opposite sex?

Focus on self-improvement in all its facets. Good grooming, sprucing up your wardrobe, working on your body fitness-wise, and improving yourself in other areas too.

For example, gaining extra skills, whether in your line of work or something completely out of your scope. You could also learn an instrument, pick up a new language etc.

What this does is boost your confidence which will spill over to your dating life. The hard work won’t go unnoticed.

How to find a casual sex partner?

Easy. Hop on one of the best free dating websites Australia we have shared with you, create a killer profile and get searching!

Ideally, you should not restrict yourself to a single dating service (unless you have a streak of luck there) so we would advise to mix it up with one or more top casual sex apps.

Meet Girls Online Australia

Final Thoughts

NOW is one of the best times to find yourself single. If you’re ready to mingle, the groundwork is already set for you.

Unlike the days of yore when you would hit the club and hope to get lucky, hooking up these days has become easier thanks to,
1) a change in societal mindset (many people are embracing single-hood and the hookup culture wholeheartedly) and
2) advancements in tech and rise of the app culture.

A quick search on the web will yield plenty of sex dating ads.

Same as you’re promised multiple listings of people interested in hooking up when you browse Personals Australia on classifieds sites like Locanto.

Importantly, however, you have a myriad of sex dating sites free (and paid) at your disposal where majority of singles are hanging out in hope of finding someone to hook up with.

We have shared plenty of dating services worth a mention on the “Top 10 sex dating sites Australia” list (apps included) of most publications. These should get you off to a good start if you’re looking to explore what the local casual dating scene has to offer.

And we can say for a fact that you’re in for a devil of a time.