Single Women Over 30 Melbourne

Melbourne is a beautiful city, full of beautiful women! But single dating Melbourne can often be difficult, and it’s often hard to know where to start.

This article is here as a guide to help you with some of the best ways to find and meet single girls in and around Melbourne for casual sex hookups and adult fun!

This article will run you through some of the best places to meet Melbourne single women and how to talk to girls in a variety of settings and situations so that you can enjoy more casual encounters.

So whether you’re looking for a one night stand, a medium term friends with benefits arrangement or a full-time relationship, this article will help you find and succeed at any or all of them.

We’ll tackle dating single ladies, and what women want in a guy and from a relationship, and once you’re done, you’ll have no trouble finding and chatting to beautiful single girls in Melbourne!

Meeting Girls Nearby

Are you often searching on your mobile for ‘single women near me’? Or constantly googling things like ‘how to find single girls’?

While there’s a number of ways to go about it, it’s really a matter of finding what works best for you.

For casual sex Melbourne, if you’re an introvert, online dating might be your first thought, while, if you’re an extrovert, hitting the bars and clubs might be your immediate thought.

So if you’re wondering what is the best place to find single ladies, the answer is, it depends.

Finding, meeting and dating girls depends on:

  • your personality
  • your preferences
  • your time availability
  • your mindset
  • your ‘skill’ level and knowledge of women

For example, if you currently don’t have much ‘game’ when it comes to meeting and scoring with girls, it’s ok, it’s just a skill that can be learned, just like with any other area of life.

So before you think or search ‘where to meet single girls’, take stock of yourself and where you’re at in your life and take a realistic assessment to help you decide which is the best way forward before you reach the next stage of searching for something like, where can I meet single women in my local area?

What Girls Do You Want?

It’s important to figure out what exactly you are after, if you’re willing to travel to meet girls, and what kind of women you want to meet.

Are you looking for a casual fling, a regular fuck buddy or a meaningful relationship?

We all agree it can be hard to find single ladies for dating. It can be even harder to find genuine, single girls looking for love, companionship and relationships.

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • Where to find single ladies – whether it’s online, at work, in bars and clubs or special interest groups, there’s almost unlimited ways of meeting girls.
  • Making time for girls and dating – These days everyone is so busy, and it isn’t always easy to meet or talk to attractive single women. And even if you do manage to meet a hot single girl, it’s difficult to start a conversation and then turn it into an actual date!
  • Finding and meeting women – Here we will walk you through firstly how to find single ladies in my area, as well as how to meet sexy single girls in the area.
  • Talk to girls – we’ll also discuss how to talk to women, discuss the different types of girls you may meet, and look at what women want in a guy. We’ll even discuss finding single women looking for sex, or different types of relationships, and how to keep them interested.

Let’s get started…

Girls for Sex Melbourne

How To Find Single Women

Finding single women Melbourne can be tough! Although it may seem that everyone is already coupled up: all your friends have girlfriends, your Mum is on your case, everyone seems to come in a ‘pair’ and you keep finding yourself on the ‘singles’ table at weddings.

Where are all the hot single women?

It can seem daunting to actually find girls, harder to talk to them and really hard to get a total babe on a date. We understand, and we’re here to help.

Let’s get you meeting single ladies in Melbourne, and help you up your game so you have single women looking for you!

Online: dating apps, websites and social media.

If you often find yourself asking your friends and workmates (or google) ‘where can I find single women’, we have good news – you don’t need to look any further than your smart phone!

One of the easiest and best ways to meet single women in Melbourne is online. It is convenient and usually free!

The many sites and apps allow you to really niche-down to find girls based on location, hobbies, interests and even sexual preferences.

Meeting single girls in Melbourne online can be done from your couch, from work, in your pyjamas or even from your bed in your spare time.

What better way can a guy spend his time than scrolling through pictures of women to meet!

You can find Melbourne single ladies online in a variety of ways, including on single women dating sites, as well as on Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and even on Skype or WhatsApp.

Each platform and way to find single girls is different and requires a different approach. It’s worth using more than one site, app or method to be able to find and even meet single women for free.

There’s always single ladies looking for dates in your area and beyond, so it’s just a matter of searching for girls that match your tastes in terms of looks and interests.

Melbourne Dating Websites

Dating websites including normal dating as well as casual dating sites Melbourne allow you to create a profile, so amazing single women can get to know you; you can browse through pages and pages of sexy single ladies near you, see single women photos and even start talking to them or arrange to meet. They might even start talking to you first!

There are even specific sites where you can find all different types of women – whatever you fancy, really.

Perhaps you prefer single mature women or senior single ladies – you may be in the same age bracket yourself, or just prefer the company of older women.

Maybe you’re interested in a more physical characteristic, and you’re looking more for single chubby girls, or even single muscular women. More on this later, but there are plenty of options no matter what kind of woman you’re after, and lots of ways to meet all kinds of girls.

If you’re seeking more naughty options, like a casual hook up, dogging or finding hot naked single girls (which is, not surprisingly, quite a popular option, and there are plenty of sites that cater)!

Single Women Melbourne

Melbourne Dating Apps

Dating apps such as Tinder are a great way to search single women in and around your area, and it’s a great way to find local single ladies safely, easily and usually for free.

One main benefit is that you can find single women on the go, from anywhere, and change your location as you please. Once you have found a sex app or hookup website that works for you, you can set up a profile and get ready to find and meet gorgeous single women.

Make sure your profile looks good – try asking female friends what they think, or look at other profiles first, to see what works for them. Make sure it’s appropriate, some apps are quite strict, whereas others are a bit cheekier.

Most apps and websites allow you to view single women profiles, see where they are located, what they are interested in and see pics of single girls.

So if you’re looking for a fuck buddy Melbourne, they’re a great way to hone in on the girls only looking for sex or a friends with benefits arrangement.

You can change your preferences, to find single ladies seeking men, bisexual women or whatever you’re interested in. You can also narrow down or change your location to find single girls in your area.

To get laid in Melbourne, these apps and websites make it as easy as it gets!

You can even try using a variety of filters too, such as hot older single women for example. There are filters for specific age groups, like over 30/40/50, location filters, some with kilometre-specific settings, or options to ‘find single girls near me’.

Some apps let you find girls to chat to across the entire country, or based on your current location, which is great if you have to travel for work. Or some apps allow you to search for really specific things, like single ladies with no children, if that is your preference.

You can even search for more unusual options, if you’re into things that are a little more naughty, such as single bisexual girls or even single women swingers!

For a Melbourne fuck, you could even join this site you’re on now to search for local girls keen to meet for sex tonight.

Social Media

Using online platforms and apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are good ways to find single ladies and are great for starting conversations and having a chat with single women free, without even having to get dressed.

Most people already have social media profiles, so it’s an easy jump to make. You can join groups, such as local community pages or groups for specific types of women (for example, fitness groups), where you can find girls you’re interested in.

Make sure your photos and profile are up to scratch – don’t have any horrible photos from your friends bucks night, or be a member of any inappropriate pages etc.

You can learn a bit about them, see how they look and find out what they like from their profile, see photos of single women and their videos.

You can message any hot girls you find on these platforms and start a conversation or even organise to meet up or go on a date. It is a great option if you are a bit shy or find it hard to start a conversation face to face.

Single Women Over 40 Melbourne

Out And About In Your Local Area

Do you keep thinking to yourself ‘where can I meet hot single women in my area’? Does it sometimes feel like you already know everyone locally, or they’re already taken? You may just be looking in the wrong places.

For a Melbourne hookup, don’t assume that you have to go to great efforts or expensive places to meet single ladies. Another great place to find local women single is at places we go to regularly anyway, such as work, the gym, local shops or even church!

The best part is that you already feel comfortable in familiar surroundings, so it makes it easier to approach and talk to and meet single women free.

You may see these girls regularly, so you may already have said hello, spoken to them at the shops or have things already in common, like the same gym or church.

Keep chatting to them when you see them, and make the conversation interesting so they remember you next time, and easily build the friendship until you feel comfortable asking them to meet up, outside of your usual interaction (the gym, church etc).

This gives you lots of opportunities, not only to find and meet local girls but to easily start a conversation. It is also ideal because you don’t have to go out of your way, travel far, get dressed up or spend extra money to meet beautiful single ladies.

Through Friends, At Parties And Events

Meeting single hot girls through friends is a great option too. Going to group events, such as nights out, dinners and parties mean you can meet single local ladies in a relaxed atmosphere, it is easy to start a conversation and you already have a lot in common.

Melbourne casual encounters can come from any direction, so it’s a matter of trying everything and see what works best for you.

You can ask your friends, workmates or other acquaintances if they know of any single girls that they could introduce you to – people love playing matchmaker.

Once you’ve had a chat, and you’re getting the right vibes, you can suggest going on a date as a group to start with – ‘hey, we should all go check this movie/festival/event out!’, and then it’s easy to progress to meeting up with her on your own.

Meeting available single women at events is another easy option. Think things like work events, community events, markets, festivals, gallery openings and concerts.

Not only are they fun and different ways to meet women, it gives you an easy way to start a conversation, and are great icebreakers.

For sex in Melbourne, it’s a city that has calendar full of great events, so choose one that suits you and give it a go.

Single Girls Melbourne

Activities, Groups and Hobbies

If you really want to make the extra effort, or have tried other ways and had no luck finding single women local to you, try joining a group or class, such as dancing, hiking, a local bootcamp, or learning a language.

This is a great and fun way to find and meet single ladies, and means you already have something in common to talk about.

So you don’t always have to wade through the Melbourne personals to find someone, by engaging in life through learning a new skill you can easily meet someone like-minded.

Choose something that interests you, because if you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself, you’re going to be much more approachable. Don’t forget to be confident, and ask lots of questions – it’s a great way to get talking, and talking is the first step to something more.

Dancing is a great option, because there are often lots of single women, and it is easy to strike up a conversation and become comfortable talking to and touching them. It is also quite a romantic setting, making it even easier to ask a beautiful single girl on a date. And you might even find out that you’re a pro, or that you really enjoy your new hobby! Bonus.

If you’re interested in meeting single foreign girls, a great place to start is a language course, a cultural festival or market, or even on a local tour of Melbourne! And then you’ll easily have something to talk about, and even a date idea, for any foreign single ladies you may meet.

If you’re interested in meeting single women with children, and you have children yourself, try visiting play centres, kids events or even at your local school…it’s all about thinking outside the box!

Dancing, Clubs And Bars

If you love to dance, and all your lessons have paid off, another great option to meet attractive single ladies Melbourne is to go to the local and city bars, nightclubs and parties.

There are so many bars and clubs in the city to choose from, so have a bit of a think about what you’re after and choose the right spot.

Make it fun – take your mates, and enjoy yourself. You will be a lot less stressed about meeting girls, and much more approachable, if you’re having fun.

Everyone is out for a good time, there are lots of attractive girls, it’s a common place where single women meet and you don’t need to worry too much about a conversation – it’s usually too noisy anyway.

Make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the venue, and feeling confident. Also, don’t drink too much – it never comes across well, if you’re trying to meet a girl.

Be the guy single girls chat to willingly, rather than the drunk annoying guy who doesn’t make sense. Don’t leer at every hot single girl near you either; relax, enjoy the night and see what happens.

For Melbourne sex, it’s best to play it cool while still being proactive in searching for, meeting and asking girls out. They can smell desperation a mile away!

Dancing, as mentioned before, is a great way to meet single women looking for fun, whether it is in a class or a club. Remember, make sure she is comfortable and don’t get too handsy, be respectful and just enjoy the vibes. Let her lead the way in terms of touching and getting close.

If you don’t like dancing, don’t worry – there are plenty of other types of clubs and bars where dancing isn’t a big thing.

Be smart about what kind of bar or club you choose – if you are looking for young single girls, try the louder, flashy and fashionable clubs. Buy them a drink, or compliment their outfit – younger girls love a bit of flirty attention.

If you are looking for single women over 30 or even single older ladies in general, you may want to try a nice cocktail or wine bar, or more upmarket club. Give them good conversation, and remember to ask them questions.

If you want someone more down to earth, try your local pub or a trivia night. Melbourne has plenty of options for you to choose from!

How To Meet Girls Melbourne

Approaching Women, Starting And Maintaining a Conversation

When you are approaching sexy women single, whether in a bar, at the gym or even at church, may make you feel nervous!

Finding friends with benefits Melbourne is a personal challenge that’s worth the effort (and nervousness).

Don’t stress, it’s natural to feel that way, and you are definitely not the only man who feels nervous when trying to start a conversation with girls.

Here is some ‘single women advice‘; tips and tricks to help you feel comfortable talking to any single girls you may meet in Melbourne…

Prepare yourself and be confident

Firstly, don’t be nervous. You don’t need the perfect opening line, body language or to even be looking your best. It is easier said than done, but just take a deep breath, relax and smile.

This will automatically put you (and her!) more at ease, and more open to a good first meeting. You don’t even need 100% perfect body language or conversation skills – many guys think they need to chat single women up, but they can spot it a mile away.

She is only human, you are human and she is probably a little nervous too! Just remember that you are simply exploring a potential connection. Try to see it as making a new friend, rather than talking to a stunning single girl. This takes some of the pressure off, and you will also come across a bit more friendly and casual.

For NSA Melbourne, the first step to getting no strings sex is to be casual and cool. Any nervousness that conveys a lack of confidence is an immediate turn off for any woman.

How to start a conversation

It is always a good idea to start with a question or an open-ended sentence, as a blanket statement can lead to a dead end and an awkward silence. A good way to start is by pointing out something you notice in the environment around you.

It’s sincere, not sleazy, and will definitely increase your chances of having a proper conversation. For example, start with something like “is the gym always this busy on Mondays?” or “this band is amazing, have you seen them before?”.

If you see the same single women nearby regularly and you want to start a conversation, for example, at the supermarket or church, you can start a conversation with something like “I’ve noticed you here before, but I don’t think we’ve met properly yet – I’m Jason”.

If it’s a girl who is new to somewhere you visit a lot, like the gym, you can try something like “Hey, I come here a lot, but don’t think I’ve seen you before. Is it your first time here?”.

Remember, be confident, but not arrogant. Women will respond well to someone who comes across as genuine, friendly and confident. If you just pretend to be confident, or come on too strong, she will likely not want to continue the conversation, and may feel that you are approaching her for the wrong reasons.

A big tip is to pretend like the girls you are trying to talk to and meet are just new friends!

And with a little luck and persistence, soon to be enjoying friends with benefits sex.

You are simply trying to get to know them as people first, not as single women, and you will not come across desperate, or even sleazy.

Many women get approached often by men, so it is important to let them know straight away that you are a good guy, and interested in them as a person, not simply as a gorgeous girl.

How to keep a conversation going

Once you have made the first big step and started talking, the hard part is over! However, many men worry about maintaining a conversation with a girl.

A great tip, which should see you through every time, is ask her questions about herself. But make sure they are the right questions!

You don’t want to seem like a stalker, or too pushy. And try not to use cheesy lines, like “do you come here often?”.

Many single girls date a lot, and are used to hearing things like that; it will immediately make you seem a little sleazy, and make them less comfortable talking to you.

Ask Questions

Ask questions like “do you like working here?” (if she works somewhere you visit regularly), “have you always gone to this church/gym/market?” or “how do you know/how long have you known so-and-so?” (if you meet her through work events or mutual friends).

A great start is to ask any local single girls in my area, ‘where can I find the best bars/restaurants/parks/trails’?

This is perfect if you have met her somewhere local (such as at a park or in a local group) as it almost always leads to a conversation. And, down the track, you can even take her to one of those places she mentioned, or suggest you go there together.

Asking questions is also a great way to find out what you have in common. For example, if you meet her in a dancing class, try asking what her favourite music is. Do you like the same type of music, or something similar?

If you meet her in a hiking group, what other sports does she like? Do you like the same ones? Instant conversation starters.

Even asking what is the best Melbourne dating site can be a great topic of conversation when the time is right. From there you can ask if she’s had any funny dating experiences.

Share some of your own too. Getting a girl laughing is a great way to getting her into bed.


This brings me to one of the most important parts of talking to single ladies, and maintaining a conversation – listening.

Listening is so important when talking to single women looking for men – it will really help you stand out. It is easy to get distracted, or find your mind running elsewhere, but listening not only helps you keep the conversation going, but it will show her you are genuine and interested in what she has to say, which means you are much likely to keep the conversation going with her.

And, if you remember something she has said down the track, she will definitely notice, and it means big brownie points for you!

Be genuine, and relax!

Another thing to remember when trying to talk to girls is to try and be genuine. Maintain eye contact, smile, be genuinely interested in what she has to say and ask sincere questions that you are interested in.

Single women dating are very good at picking up on vibes and undertones, and if she doesn’t feel comfortable she will stop the conversation quickly. Relax, be confident and remember she is just a person, just like you.

Lastly, if you find yourself trying to talk to a gorgeous single girl, and she doesn’t seem interested, don’t take it as rejection, take it as redirection.

Some women, just like you, are looking for something specific, or perhaps they are busy, waiting for someone else, distracted or going through something personally. Don’t take it to heart, just move on and try talking to another girl who catches your eye.

It is much better to try to find a woman you connect with, rather than someone who clearly isn’t interested, even if you are only after a physical relationship.

Places To Meet Girls Melbourne
Single Girls Near Me

What Women Want In A Guy (Casual Dating and Committed Relationships)

What do women want in a guy? That is an age-old question, one that has inspired countless books, songs and even artwork across centuries.

You are not the first guy to ask this question!

To begin, know that all girls are different, just like all men are, and that means the things they are attracted to and want in a man are different too.

So again, not all ladies will be a match for you. Don’t take this personally, just know that the right one is around the corner.

It also depends a lot on what the situation and relationship is. It can vary a lot depending on if it is a purely physical relationship, or a long-term committed relationship, or even something in between.

There are some basics though that I can promise you, all women want in a guy, regardless of the situation. And they’re not all about looks!

All girls want to be treated well, respected, listened to and understood. Being caring, thoughtful and considerate, as a friend, lover or partner, is something all women want in a guy.

Being clear and honest on both sides will help you both understand exactly what your relationship is, where it is going and what you can expect from each other. It is important to have clear communication with any relationship, so everyone is on the same page.

Often, men think that girls only care about looks. Although looks are important – they are the first thing all humans notice about each other –women are much less visual and much more emotional than men. Make her feel good, make her happy and make her feel valued, and you will look like a prince.

In a casual or physical relationship

Casual or purely physical relationships are common, and are a great way to satisfy needs without having to commit to a full on relationship.

These work really well if one or both people are busy in other areas of their life, such as work, school, family commitments etc.

As mentioned above, it is important to communicate clearly about what you want from the relationship, and what your partner can expect, so nobody gets hurt or confused.

Women appreciate honesty in a guy, and it means there won’t be any problems down the track. If your feelings change, please let her know, whether you want to move on or if you want to make things more serious.

Girls may pursue casual flings for excitement or a more interesting sex life. Melbourne dogging is even a naughty way some girls get their kicks. So never assume!

Always make sure you satisfy your partner (don’t assume she is satisfied just because you are), make sure she feels comfortable, find out what she likes and listen – she will often let you know, without speaking, where she likes to be touched and what she likes sexually.

This goes for fuck buddy hookups as well as regular no strings dating Melbourne.

Often, women in their 30’s or even older ladies will know exactly what they like, and be quite open about it, which makes it easier for you!

On the other hand, younger sexy girls may be more open to experimenting with new things in the bedroom.

Its not always about the sex!

Sometimes, Melbourne casual sex relationships aren’t all about the physical stuff. Often, it is just nice to have someone to hang out with, go to dinner or see a movie.

Again, be clear about what you expect and what you are after in your relationship. Girls love guys who can be interested in things they like, and open to doing things they like to do. You never know, you may find something new that you like.

Ladies like guys who take initiative (but not control), so try taking her someplace new, to a great restaurant you just heard about, or for a weekend drive.

Don’t forget to talk to her, ask her questions and be interested in what she has to say. Be yourself!

Women aren’t interested in meeting a perfect man, they are interested in meeting someone who puts in effort, tries their best and makes them feel great.

Are looks the most important thing?

As mentioned before, looks are important (though they definitely aren’t everything), so it is always a great idea to look your best. However – do it for yourself, not just to try to meet single girls.

The sexiest thing to any woman is confidence, so if you feel good about yourself, that will show. So go work out, get your teeth fixed, buy nice clothes, wear cologne…but only if it makes you feel happy and good about yourself.

Don’t worry so much about the latest fashions, the latest diet trends, or about having a fancy car. Worry about being happy and confident within yourself – that makes a much bigger difference when trying to find beautiful single ladies.

That being said – hygiene and presentation are important. Brush your teeth, wear nice clothes, don’t forget your deodorant…etc. Keep up with the basics.

Women tend to both be more observant and more hygienic than men (just in general), so if they notice a giant piece of spinach between your teeth, or that your shirt has food stains…it’s a big turn off.

In a committed or longer-term relationship

Some Melbourne girls want to be treated like a princess, some don’t. Some are ‘high maintenance’ and expect fancy dinners, gifts and holidays, and some are a bit more relaxed and just want to spend quality time with you.

This is why, as we mentioned earlier, it is important to listen so you know exactly what she wants and expects from your relationship, and also be clear about what you want and can give in the relationship.

Things may be a little different in a long term relationship

As time goes on, women will expect different things from a relationship, especially as it gets more serious. The things that may have excited them at the start – exciting sex, new experiences, learning new things about each other – tend to fade, and other things become more important.

Don’t panic! If you are after a long-term relationship with a girl, this is great (if you aren’t, then let her know now!).

Always try to keep the spark alive, keep bringing flowers, make her feel special.

But also focus on other things – spending time together doing regular things can be just as important and romantic to a woman as a fancy dinner. There may be less restaurants and more supermarkets, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Don’t get lazy!

Another thing – don’t get lazy! This happens a lot when the relationship starts to relax into something long-term. Many men get complacent, stop putting in effort and generally just dropping the game. She isn’t your mum or your maid. Pick up your socks, and remember, you can make dinner too (even if it is just UberEats).

Keep that effort up, keep making her smile, keep surprising her, and the relationship will flourish. If you don’t, then she may be single again very soon!

And always remember: respect her, value her, listen to her and appreciate her. Be honest, be open, admit when you’re wrong and always try to make her smile or laugh when you can. These little things on their own are something women always look for in a guy.

Dating Single Women

Dating women can be fun, but also stressful. As mentioned earlier, all girls are different, so it can be tough to figure out what each one likes, how to approach them and how to have a relationship.


If it’s the first time taking an attractive girl out, remember not to be nervous. Try to be creative! Putting effort in to where you take a girl shows her you are thoughtful.

For adult dating Melbourne, try not to be too formal or organised. It could come across as desperate.

Unless you know the woman you’re after loves fancy restaurants, you’re more likely to be able to have a relaxed and flowing conversation in a relaxed and flowing environment. You don’t need to splash heaps of cash – she said yes to a date with you, not your credit card.

Although dinner and a movie are a classic option for a date with a single lady, try putting an unusual spin on it, like going to an outdoor cinema and eating from the food truck.

Then, you will always have something to talk about afterwards (and remember, ask her questions! Did she like the movie? What did she think of this scene?).

Another option – perhaps not for a first date, but definitely a second or third – is to do something fun or memorable.

Studies show that experiencing something new and exciting together creates a stronger and more lasting connection.

Is there a theme park you take your girl to (a great way to level up to holding hands or even a cuddle), or perhaps a scary experience, like a haunted house?

You could even try something physical, like paddle boarding, hike up a mountain or go on a wildlife cruise…the opportunities are endless.

All of these are fun, creative ideas that will definitely keep any girl interested and thinking about you long after the date is over.

When you’re on a date, remember – dress nicely (and appropriately), brush your teeth, be friendly, open and genuine and don’t come on too strong. Listen to her, be interested in what she has to say, and focus on creating a meaningful connection.

It’s not always about getting that kiss straight away, some things are worth the wait.

Bedroom tips

Once you are lucky enough to get any hot horny single girls into the bedroom, remember – if you want it to happen a second time, make sure she is satisfied.

Sure, some girls want to meet and fuck if you catch them in the right mood. But normally, you’ll have to show her you care… which can mean something as simple as a drinks catchup.

The main thing to start with is ensuring she is comfortable – this can be difficult at first for naked single women.

Once she is comfortable, things will be much more exciting and pleasurable for both of you. Take it slow, you didn’t put all this effort in to just have it over with in five minutes. Plus, this will ensure she is really ready and excited when you both get to the main show.

Remember, foreplay can be just as amazing as the actual sex. Many girls find it more difficult to orgasm during sex, and sleeping with someone for the first time can be a bit intimidating.

Sex in Melbourne, or anywhere else for that matter is a dance, not a goal that should be achieved as quick as possible.

Spending plenty of time on foreplay means she will definitely be more comfortable and satisfied, and much more likely to want to do it again. Plus, it’s fun!

And, a little bit of etiquette – make sure you are clean, smell nice, etc. It makes a big difference. Also make sure you are both clear on what protection you are using, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and it’s really just good manners to make sure that is covered.

Also make sure you are on the same page about whether you are spending the entire night together, or just part of it.

If she does stay, or you stay with her, do something thoughtful in the morning like grab her a coffee or make her a quick breakfast – it’s adorable, and she will tell all her friends about it.

But on the flip side, don’t linger or try to stay all day, especially if it’s new – that’s weird.

Different women need different things

A big rule of meeting single dating women is to be flexible. Different women need different things, and there are different ways to find and meet them.

Different can mean anything from dogging Melbourne, right through to women who have the goal to get married and have kids. There’s literally ever type of woman out there at a different stage in their life, and looking for different things.

You may be lucky enough to catch the eye of more mature ladies, which you hadn’t originally planned.

Or, you may meet the most amazing single women with kids (or single girls with no kids), which may change how you imagined the relationship going.

You may meet fit single girls, when you were originally searching for single BBW ladies. Remember, be open!

The more girls you open yourself up to, the more chance you have of meeting someone special. When chatting online, don’t narrow your search too much – you may find yourself chatting with single busty women instead of the smaller petite women you originally imagined. Or dating blonde girls instead of your preferred brunettes…the list goes on.

Although these may not be, at first glance, what you thought you wanted, it may still be worth a try as you never know what might happen or who you may meet and form an attachment to.

Older single women

Older single ladies can include anything through to single women 50 and up. Many men prefer to chat with and meet older women, whether it’s because they want to meet someone their own age, or to meet someone with the maturity and experience more mature women seem to have.

Depending on your age, you may prefer to meet girls over 30 or single women in their 40s. There are plenty of options to find women your age using filters on dating sites and apps.

Otherwise, be smart – try ‘over 30s’ nights at some local bars (you’re not going to find single ladies 40s and up amongst the teens at the club). Try gallery openings, museums, local dancing or hobby clubs, even school events.

If you’re interested in finding more mature ladies, in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s (perhaps you are more mature yourself) you can search specifically for over 40 single women online – as mentioned, there are plenty of apps and sites perfect for this.

These women usually have a better idea of what they want, and will be more open and direct with you about it. They also will enjoy a little more of their own space, and expect better conversation and nicer dates – think less cheap shots in the club, and more nice bottles of wine by the fire.

Different physical types

Women come in all shapes and sizes. There are tall single women, and short girls, and everything in between.

Although single fit women are the generally accepted preference, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to something different.

And even though the media wants us to think women only like certain types of guys (tall, muscly, rich…), that definitely isn’t the case either – women are actually way less into looks than guys are.

Some guys can be quite specific with what they prefer, even getting down to preferring single blonde women over single redhead ladies or brunettes.

You may only go after girls with piercings, single curvy women or women of a certain race. Or you may be interested in something a little more unusual, such as tattooed single girls, or women who dress a certain way.

There are plenty of sites that cater to specific interests, and there are ways to meet these types of girls near you too.

Two things – firstly, don’t let society set the rules – if you’re a shorter guy, that doesn’t mean you can’t date a tall woman.

If you’re on the thinner side, don’t let that stop you from talking to that curvy girl! Secondly – everyone has their own ideas of what they do and don’t like or find attractive, and just because your mates may not be into the same thing doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

A common preference for many men is single big women (which can often be judged), and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of ways to find, meet and enjoy the company of chubby single women or even single fat women.

Plenty of websites cater specifically to this interest and will help you find them locally, and start chatting. You can jump on a website or on an app, whatever you prefer, as this will probably be the easiest way to find larger girls specifically.

Beyond that, although there isn’t a specific place to meet larger women, try getting involved in some local Rockabilly events, or find some clubs or bars that cater. Women who are into the Rockabilly or vintage scenes are often rocking those more traditional, curvy body shapes.

Or, on the other hand, you may prefer single muscle women. Again, plenty of websites and apps that may help you find single girls in the area that are fitter or musclier. Not just dating websites, even check social media – there are heaps of fitness pages you can join.

Otherwise, an obvious place to look would be at the gym, or with a local hiking or fitness group, or try something fun like rock climbing. Getting physical with a girl you like is a great way to break the ice.

Women can look so different, which is a great thing, and it doesn’t matter if you’re dating cute petite girls, or gorgeous fat single women; they all like to be treated well.

The main thing every woman wants when dating, especially single women, is to feel beautiful. And something to understand about women is that often, even though you may think she is very sexy, she may not always feel sexy, or she may be insecure for various reasons. No matter what she looks like, it is important to help her feel comfortable and attractive.

Don’t make assumptions based on how girls look, either. The voluptuous girl with tattoos may look a little wild, but she is probably really sweet and gentle.

Or the tall, fit blonde single girl may be intimidating, but she is actually really shy. It is important to get beyond looks and discover who they are as a person.

Different situations

When you first meet beautiful single girls, you often don’t think beyond getting up the courage to chat to them.

However, it’s important to remember that some women you meet may be in different or unusual situations – for example, they may be divorced, have children, have a unique job or a different family situation. This may be a factor when you are deciding if you want to pursue a long-term relationship.

Firstly, be open to getting to know these women, as you may find your priorities change if you really like them. On the other hand, it may also make you feel like you no longer want to be involved with them. Make sure you are clear and honest about this so everyone is on the same page.

Single divorced ladies, usually single women 40 and up, may have trouble trusting men, or may have had bad experiences in the past. You may need to be extra gentle and understanding when dating a single divorced lady. The flip side is that they often know what they want, and are keen to have some fun.

Single women with kids, whether they are young, teenagers or even older, will always have different priorities. Sometimes, plans may be interrupted, or she may not have as much freedom to spend with you as you would like.

As long as you understand this and be patient, it shouldn’t be an issue – kids can even be heaps of fun. Just be sure you are clear on what you want before you pursue a long-term relationship.

It may be difficult at first, but it may also be very worth it in the long run. However, if you only want to date single women without children, it is easy to change your online preferences to reflect that.

Some ladies may have jobs that require a lot of travel, or a lot of shift work (like a nurse, for example) which can make things difficult when trying to plan dates or maintain a relationship.

Firstly, understand that they are not ignoring you or not making you a priority, and don’t put extra pressure on them. If you’re looking to meet single women over 35, you may have to bear this in mind.

One of the benefits of dating women of a certain age is that they do have their lives pretty sorted, with careers, their own living situations etc. However, it does mean they may not be as available as you always like.

Meeting single women in 40s, 50s and up have busy careers, as well as family, community and other obligations. Be understanding, flexible and if it comes up, try to connect in other ways when you can’t connect in person, like a nice message, phone call or even a card and flowers.

There may also be women who live a little further out of the city, such as single farm women or those who live near the coast, but this can be a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, and these women are often very relaxed and low maintenance.

BBW Melbourne

Melbourne Hookup Sites – Finding Girls And Getting Laid

At the beginning, we briefly discussed using dating sites, apps and social media to find sexy and local single women free.

Finding single girls nearby out and about can be tough – everyone is so busy, there are so many bars and clubs to choose from, and it can be hard to find time to join new groups, meet new people or start a new hobby.

The best thing about hooking up with sexy single girls online is that you can do it anytime and from anywhere.

You can start any time and browse single ladies from the comfort of your couch, find single girls to date on your lunch break, start chatting from the gym and maximise your chances of meeting single girls in your spare time.

Here are some of our tips to find the best single girls website, see images of single women and what the different dating sites offer.

We also have a few profile tricks, such as posting photos single girls like, and the best single ladies site for you to try.

Casual hook ups

Adult Friend Finder: exactly what it sounds like – single women xxx! The most popular website for chatting and finding casual hook ups, and to meet single girls for sex. You can search for, find and chat to a wide range of women, who are into all kinds of things. Perfect for finding single women seeking sex, if that is all you are after. You can even set up regular dates, a fling or a casual relationship with naughty single ladies in the area. It is also a great site to use if you’re looking for single women seeking couples, threesomes or swinging, or any other cheeky exploits you may be interested in!

Tinder: everyone knows Tinder, swipe right if you like, swipe left if you don’t on hundreds of single women pics. Easy and fun to use to single horny women keen for a casual hook up. You can often easily meet single ladies for sex.

Plenty of Fish: A bit like Tinder, where you can find, match and connect to single women free near you, then match and start chatting. More likely to find and meet single ladies 30 plus.

Happn: also like Tinder but makes it easy to meet local single girls. Works when you cross paths with another single, if you have both liked each other you will get a notification, then you can start single women contact in real life!

Friend Finder X: a raunchier site purely focused on single women sex. Guarantees you some action within a few months. It’s a great place to find single girls wanting to fuck, to put it bluntly! Also perfect to find and see single naked women and their sexy pics (you can even post your own), plus a range of other x-rated content.

Adult Match Maker: similar to Adult Friend Finder, another great site for finding friends with benefits, single ladies nude pics, casual hook ups and fun. Chat with and meet girls of all types!

Dating and finding relationships

EHarmony: a really in-depth site which asks you hundreds of questions and provides specific matches for you. A great way to meet single women for free online with similar interests. Also a great place to meet single ladies over 40. They offer a free trial, but after that you will have to pay to get access.

OkCupid: the first free online dating site. Similar to EHarmony, but not so many questions. Great way to meet single girls for free online. Another site that is great for meeting single women 30s based on more than just photos.

RSVP: apparently the ‘most trusted dating site’ of single women in Australia. Has both paid and free options, easy to browse single girls images and allows users to connect with any girls you like by sending a ‘wink’, then starting a conversation.

Zoosk: over 40 million users across the world, and one of the few sites that has more single girl users than men. Zoosk uses information from your social media profiles to create a profile for you, making it nice and easy to sign up! Plenty of single girls in 30s and up.

Elite Singles and Silver Singles: Perfect for those wanting to meet single women over 55 and single ladies over 60. Both sites focus more on connecting, rather than casual hook-ups (though you can still find those too!). Elite Singles is a great site for qualified or educated singles, looking to find others with similar interests.

Tips and tricks for your profile


Many sites and apps require a photo, or several photos, so the girls can see what you look like. Some apps use your image entirely (like Tinder) to attract matches, so having the right photo is important.

Firstly, no dick-pics. Girls just laugh at them.

Try to have a few of your best photos, make sure it is easy to see which person you are (don’t just post 3 photos of your cricket club, all the girls browsing won’t know who they are looking at) and look clean, respectable and just a little bit sexy. It’s a good idea to post at least one photo of you doing something fun, like traveling or skydiving etc.

Make it relevant for the girls you want to meet – if you’re younger and want to meet younger women, then photos at clubs or partying make sense. If you want to meet single women 35 and over, then perhaps have more mature photos, like at a nice restaurant, a family event or work party for example.

Don’t post shirtless or naked photos unless you look like Chris Hemsworth. And if you have a pet, include them in at least one photo. Girls love pets (cute ones, like dogs…maybe not your pet rat, or lizard).

Caption and profile info

Rule no. 1 – Be honest, and by that we mean…don’t lie about your height. You can say 6’ when you’re 5’11, but don’t say 5’11 when you’re 5’6. She will find out.

Also, be honest about everything else – your age, your job, your interests. Many guys fake information on their profile purely to appeal more to attractive single girls, but it doesn’t work when they meet up, and it’s super annoying.

Try to be a little funny, but mainly be open and even vulnerable – that will make women feel like they can connect with you, and be open and vulnerable too.

Finally, be clear about what you are looking for, whether it is casual hook ups and sex, companionship or something long-term.

Don’t forget to adjust your filters, so you can easily find local single girls and single women near you, or any other preferences you may have.

Sexy Single Women Melbourne


Modern dating can be fun, scary and exciting, often all at the same time. For many men, it can be almost impossible to not only find single girls, but then meet them, start a conversation and find time to take a girl on a date between work, family, friends and everything else going on.

There are many ways to find single girls, whether you prefer meeting them locally at your gym, starting a new hobby or searching the local clubs. If you are time poor, or want to meet girls from your couch, then online dating is a great place to start to find free single women.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now have the know-how to start a conversation and chat with single ladies, take them on a date and perhaps even start a relationship.

Good luck!